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5 years ago
The installation process is smooth and very sytematic. The guys from Leeton who installed the system are very polite, courteous and extremely professional. We are happy that we choose Empyreal Energy among others for our solar energy system.
Jade Latour
10 months ago
My panels were installed, then i had to wait many weeks for an electrician. The first electrician only did a part job and i had to wait for a second electrician who did not complete the job either and my panels were not connected to the grid. Numerous calls to head office gave excuses and no results. After 3 or 4 month , I mentioned the matter to my Ergon meter reader. He checked the inverter and the meter box and did the connection in a matter of seconds. I still have no idea why the solar panel company could not send an electrician in all that time but kept fobbing me off. So...dreadful service. Next...after less than 8 years in service, my solar panels are useless. They have deteriorated to the point they are a fire hazard and are about to be removed and replaced. The report submitted by my electrician listed shoddy work practice s in their installation and a comment that the panels should have lasted much longer than 8 years. Bad service all round. Avoid this lot.
Marguerite Fawcett

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