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About Eco Pest Control

Eco Pest Control - The Local Pest Professionals

Welcome to Eco Pest Control Brisbane. Your local environmentally friendly pest control company.

Eco Pest Control - The Local Pest Professionals

Welcome to Eco Pest Control Brisbane. Your local environmentally friendly pest control company. We offset chemicals used by planting a tree for every customer. We offer high quality pest treatment solutions around Brisbane and South East Queensland. You can rely on our local pest controllers to deliver a safe & effective pest treatment solution for your home.

Our team of licensed pest technicians is waiting for your call, equipped to get rid of the pests from your home with safe & reliable pest treatment solutions. General pests & bugs have little defense when they are facing our range of controlled treatments. Whether its spiders, ants & termites to roaches, mice & rats, we address all infestations promptly.

We've got pest management professionals in Brisbane equipped to eradicate the bothersome infestation in your house. Our 12 month warranty covers all of our services on cockroaches, spiders and ants. Excluding external ants and existing infestations. If after initial treatment the critters come back within a year, we will return absolutely free.

Pre-purchase Inspection For Pests & Termites

Fact: Termites infest and cause damage to 1 in every 4 houses in Australia. Before you close on the purchase of a brand new property, organize a pre-purchase home inspection or else you could be saddled with some unwelcome guests once you move in. Purchasing a house is most certainly the biggest investment decision you will ever make in your life so you simply can't afford any kind of mistakes.

The pest inspectors we'll send to your home or company premises are licensed and certified by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). We cover all accessible regions with our building inspections such as living spaces, garages, lofts, sheds, fences and tree stumps. Our building inspections are done in accordance with strict Australian standards and code of practice.

Our pre-purchase timber pest inspection reports are user-friendly & cost-effective must-haves when you're facing the burdensome task of searching for a new property. When you are ready, speak to our specialists for a free, no-obligation pest management consultation for your building.

Household Pest Management

Nobody wants unwanted insects invading their residence. We make use of the latest environment-friendly & non-toxic treatments. We provide you with safe, quick & powerful pest management solutions for your total peace of mind. We do not just get rid of the unwanted pest but we will also provide you with a one-year service warranty. Your family's well-being is significant for us that is why we will offer you specialized pest treatment & hygiene services.

When our licensed technicians spray internally they will certainly take care of all areas like basements, attics, bedrooms, laundry room and lavatories. We carry out an external pest treatment which involves spraying all of the outer areas like garden sheds, clotheslines, garage areas, pergolas and even rubbish bins.

Commercial Pest Solutions

Do you need effective & safe pest control for your business? Several pests spread illnesses and therefore are a significant risk to health & wellbeing. They can also create a whole lot of damage within a building. Business people have a zero-tolerance policy towards pests. Keep your business premises totally free of pest issues with our pest management plans which are customized to your individual needs.

The professional work we accomplish is influenced by Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles and practice. Organizations must stick to strict health & safety standards. Our experts are discreet & will carry out their job without impacting your day-to-day business functions or machinery. Our experts will analyze how your building structure could be weakened by pest ingress & provide help and advice for removing or lowering the risk of this possibility.

We service a wide array of businesses including retail outlets, clubs, workplaces, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, nursing homes, doctor clinics, day care centers, schools, airports, dining places, & coffee shops.

Got a problem and want help? Contact our industrial pest control specialists now and obtain your absolutely free, no-obligation estimate.

Cockroaches Are A Problem in Queensland!

Cockroaches are coldblooded pesky insects & in general are extremely resilient. They could live up to 3 weeks without any food, 7 days without water and are prolific breeders. The initial step in resolving a roach infestation properly is to correctly determine the species. The Australian Cockroach and the American Cockroach are amongst the most popular species found in South East Qld. German Roaches are amongst the most ill-famed household pests.

German Cockroaches along with their eggs are brought inside houses after hitch-hiking a ride on our belongings, for example suitcases and packages. Our team of licensed technicians utilizes roach baits & eco-friendly formulations of fumigants. If there are roaches in or around your home or business, talk to our pest control technicians.

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When you want great results contact our pest control experts right now. We strive to be your # 1 pest control service. Make an appointment with us today and wave goodbye to your pest troubles. Thank you for considering Eco Pest Control. We look forward to hearing from you!