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  • No matter what your computer repair, maintenance or IT support needs are, DYN I.T Solutions has it covered, right across the Newcastle and Hunter Valley Region. Whether it is PC or Mac, laptop or desktop, we can help you! One of our knowledgeable Team Members is ready to fix your problems with a prompt response time, 7 days a week and flexible hours.
  • DYN I.T Solutions team can deliver specialised computer repairs and IT support to clients ranging from students, professionals and home business owners. There is nothing computer related we can’t fix for you! Below you will see a list of Services we offer. If you do have a request that is not listed, contact our support line or email us.
  • Computer Repairs – you may not know what is causing your computer issues. That is for us to diagnose, explain to you in simple terms and fix with minimal downtime.
  • Upgrading your computer – We are often asked to assist with computer upgrades. We are always more than happy to help, however with our great service and honesty we will examine your machine to determine if a simple system upgrade is needed, or a replacement computer.
  • Computer Networking and Wireless Networking – DYN I.T Solutions can set up a basic to complex network from scratch and we can examine your existing network to identify and fix any operating issues.
  • Computer Service and Maintenance – Like most things today, to keep them running smoothly, they need regular service and maintenance. Not only will this help increase the longevity, it will also help reduce your downtime and maximise your Machine’s performance. We have many options for regular maintenance, just ask one of our friendly staff.
  • Computer Training and User Assistance – DYN I.T Solutions don’t believe in having something you can’t operate; therefore, we offer many training solutions for Mobiles, Laptops, Desktops and Tablets. We offer these solutions for all ages.
  • Data Backup and Recovery – We cannot stress enough about data backups! We can help automate your backups to reduce your risk of losing any of your important data. We can customise these backups for cloud based and local solutions.
  • Virus, Adware and Spyware Removal and Protection – Whether your computer or network has been keeping bad company and needs a good clean and talking to; or whether you want to ensure that your machine and its data are secure from intruders – we have the solution for you!
  • Buying a new computer – Don’t get sold an overpriced computer that you don’t need! Talk to our friendly staff to find the right computer for you. We will help by assessing your needs and provide you with our recommendation. We offer great after sales support for all our customers whether your purchase is $5 or $10,000
  • Website and SEO – We offer some of the most advanced services assisting you in building your Website for a clearer understanding of your business to your customers. Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) team will strive to make your company come first online, helping your customers find you and your services quicker and easier.
  • Business Consultancy – With industry knowledge and Partnerships with local businesses we can offer the best consultancy service. By providing our experienced advice we will make sure your goal has been reached efficiently and effectively.