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3A Whalley Creek ClNambour QLD 4560

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  • Pool chemicals
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Cleaning equipment
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  • Nature2 Express
  • Research Chemicals UK
  • Jasol cleaning products
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  • Pool cleaning solutions
  • Repairs on pool equipment
  • Supply of new pool equipment
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  • ABN: 61 280 309 589
  • ABN 61 280 309 589

About Dunckers

Imagine diving into a crystal clear pool this summer, feeling revived as the cooling water cleanses your day away. Now

Imagine diving into a crystal clear pool this summer, feeling revived as the cooling water cleanses your day away. Now picture this, murky green slime and cloudy water. Which would you rather?!

It’s a no-brainer that the first option is the most desirable one and Dunckers in Nambour is part of the big picture for both commercial and residential pool care. Dunckers has been selling pool cleaning supplies since 1983, helping to keep Sunshine Coast pools in pristine condition.

Family-owned and operated, we can provide you with free advice about the right pool chemicals for your particular type of pool and we supply commercial cleaning equipment as well.

Our well-stocked pool shop is full of leading brand equipment and chemicals and our friendly, experienced staff members can assist you when it comes to the safe use of these products. We have pool tablets, algae control, pool and spa test strips and solutions, clarifiers and pool salt.

Our wide range of cleaning products includes cleaning chemicals, janitorial equipment such as hand towels, toilet paper, mops and buckets. You’ll find floor scrubbers, squeegees, gloves and brushes. We also have skimmers, scoops, vacuum heads and accessories. Dunckers can help you with pool parts and covers, as well.

Dunckers supplies water-sanitising solutions from Nature2 Express, which use trace mineral elements to effectively kill bacteria and algae while using a significantly reduced quantity of harsh chemicals. Only a small amount combined with your chlorine will help keep your pool water stable in hot weather and well-used pools.

For a gloriously clean and sparkling pool, come to Dunckers to set things right.