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  • Can you travel to my location to clean my deep fryer and range hood?

    DM&MM Services is a mobile service who travels across North Queensland for our clients. Our business is fully equipped to complete your commercial kitchen clean.

  • How is your accredited waste oil removal service superior to other disposal methods?

    We are accredited to appropriately remove and dispose of oil waste. We are committed to ensuring that our oil removal and disposal service is safe and environmentally conscious. Cooking oil that is disposed of incorrectly down drains will damage your sewers, pipes and septic system.

  • Why do I need to have a professional clean my range hood?

    We offer a professional cleaning service for your commercial kitchen. If your business frequently uses a stovetop, oven or deep fryer, you will have a build-up of grease, grime and food particles on your range hood. This is a hygiene issue, while excessive grease build-up is also a fire hazard.

  • Will your exhaust cleaning service improve the energy efficiency of my kitchen equipment?

    Yes. A clean exhaust and ventilation system means better airflow, which improves the efficiency of your kitchen equipment. Through our cleaning service, your equipment can run at 100 per cent, ensuring high production rates at a lower expense. You will save money on your energy bills while preventing a fire hazard.

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  • High quality oil


  • Commercial kitchen cleaning including
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  • Filters & roof extraction systems
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Rangehood cleaning
  • Fryer cleaning
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  • Commercial kitchen cleaning Townsville
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About DM & MM Services

A locally owned family business DM & MM Services offers our services to the North Queensland region.

Our range of services

A locally owned family business DM & MM Services offers our services to the North Queensland region.

Our range of services covers commercially run kitchens including range hoods, deep fryers and filtration system cleaning.

DM & MM Services works closely with restaurants, aged care facilities, sporting clubs, local and national government sites and hotels/motels to ensure their commercial kitchens are cleaned to the highest quality

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