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4 years ago
The staff are always friendly. It's always busy because of their great quality in service, coffee and food.
Pete - Maitland


3 years ago
Plenty of staff on duty but no attention to customers. Poor service. Won't be returning.
John - Maitland

Our experience

5 years ago
We went to the D'Artagnan's Cafe at the Harvery Norman Centre @ Rutherford today. well there isn't much nice I can say! There weren't any clean table so we took a table and moved the left overs for the last person. my husband and I were with our children we ordered and paid for our lunch and while we were waiting a staff member sat beside us and began to light a cigarette when my husband asked her please don't smoke in a food area and around our children ( under 10) she quickly replied that she can smoke there and if we didn't like it to move! Which we did absolutely go smacked ! Our food came out and it was horrible ! When we were leaving the girl smoking glard at us with a smug look on her face. let me tell you I not only will never return to your cafe I will make sure that every one knows what my experience was like and that girl better be careful who she treats like that as I am a business person in maitland and we will cross pathes again!
Angie - Maitland

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