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  • Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist
  • Member of Speech Pathology Australia
  • ABN 96606709151


  • Jane is a Certified Practicing Paediatric Speech Pathologist who graduated from the University of Sydney in 1998 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology). She has a worked as Paediatric Speech Pathologist for the last 15 years in Australia and overseas.
  • Her extensive experience includes working:
  • • As a Speech Pathologist/ Senior Speech Pathologist for Education Queensland where she worked consultatively and collaboratively with members of the educational team to optimise learning outcomes for students in metropolitan, regional and rural and remote areas of Queensland (in State Schools and Early Special Education Facilities).
  • In more recent years she has:
  • • Worked as part of the Allied Health Team for the Queensland Paediatric Cardiac Service (Prince Charles/ Mater Hospital, Brisbane) to promote developmental outcomes for inpatients and outpatients and their families;
  • • Worked as a Clinical Educator for Griffith University supporting the professional learning of Speech Pathology students (Masters Program) within Childcare environments;
  • • Worked with Speech Pathology Colleagues to develop and deliver ‘Read and Grow Plus’ training materials/ in- services and ‘Read and Grow’ in- services (Communities for Children), designed to provide first wave, community education for parents, Educators and Non- Government Organisations on functional strategies for embedding oral language strategies into story time;
  • • Returned to her passion of Early Intervention and has worked for the local Health Service since 2014 in Community Health Centres with children aged 0-5 years and their families. Jane will continue in this role.
  • She is truly passionate about early intervention and thrives on the opportunity to work collaboratively with parents and caregivers to help their children achieve their best outcomes. She has three young children of her own and has experienced personally, the imperative role that early intervention provides in preparing children for later social and academic success. Jane has extensive, research based knowledge on all aspects of early communication and will be primarily providing Speech Pathology services to children aged 0-6 years where there are concerns in one or more of the following areas:
  • Receptive language (how little kids understand language). For example:
  • • Difficulties following directions of increasing length and complexity;
  • • Difficulty understanding basic concepts;
  • • Difficulty understanding different sentence structures;
  • Expressive language (how little kids using words to express their ideas). For example:
  • • Children not saying any words;
  • • Only use single words to express ideas;
  • • Only using simple phrases with limited grammatical structures;
  • • Difficulties using talking skills in a social context;
  • Speech production skills (how little kids say their sounds). For example:
  • • Children only understood by parents and/ or siblings;
  • • Many errors with how sounds are produced. For example: Saying ‘tat’ for ‘cat’;
  • • Is often able to repeat a sound or word (spoken by an adult) but is unable to remember to use this sound in words/ sentences without help;
  • Stuttering (achieving the natural flow required for effective communication):
  • Many little kids can experience a period of natural speech dis- fluency but if this lasts for longer than 6 months, this is called stuttering. Stuttering can include:
  • • The repetition of the initial sounds in words. For example: ‘m-m- mum’;
  • • The repetition of whole words. For example: “mum, mum, mum’
  • • Secondary characteristics which include eye blinking and facial grimacing;

About Daniel Jane

Jane Daniel is an experienced Paediatric Speech Pathologist providing speech, language and stuttering (Lidcombe program) for 0-6 year olds.

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