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Contact details

07 4927 22
Grant Olman
0417 60 20
Neill Olman
0418 71 04
Allan Olman
0428 27 65


  • Cranes
  • Haulage & transport vehicles
  • Personnel boxes
  • Concrete kibbles
  • Extendable trailers


  • Crane hire services
  • Transport & haulage services
  • Rigger / Dogger / Spotter services
  • Traffic control


  • Cranage
  • Transport services

Payment Methods


About CQ Crane Hire

Reach your construction goals with CQ Crane Hire. Since 1985, our family owned and operated business has provided quality cranage, haulage and transport solutions to businesses throughout Central Queensland.

We pride ourselves on saving our customers costly downtime with our modern and impeccably maintained machinery, and all of our services are priced competitively. Better still, our crane and transport hire services are available 24 hours a day to ensure you are never left hanging.

At CQ Crane Hire, we believe in working closely alongside professionals in the mining, construction, and manufacturing industries to ensure their needs are met. Our Rockhampton riggers, doggers and spotters bring more than 30 years of collective industry experience to the jobs they undertake, and our team will ensure that the machinery you need is delivered and set up in a timely fashion.

Exceeding customer expectations is what we are all about at CQ Crane Hire. Because of this we rent out a range of ancillary equipment in addition to our extendable trailers and crane trucks. Secure personnel boxes and concrete kibbles are available for hire, and our staff are trained in all facets of traffic control. Safety is always our first priority.

Gain more with your crane. Call the friendly staff at CQ Crane Hire today. Our services are available throughout Rockhampton and Central Queensland.