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  • Wedding ceremonies
  • Vow renewal ceremonies
  • Baby naming
  • Commitment ceremonies
  • Any celebration e.g. boat naming/launch
  • Provision of the Notice of Intended Marriage
  • All standard legal documentation for your wedding Ceremony
  • Packages to assist with the creation of your ceremony
  • For your perfect vows

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  • Registered Marriage Celebrant 18th February 2010
  • ABN 40 239 208 670


  • Completely personalised service
  • Relaxed, comfortable & fun approach to your big day
  • Integrity-based service
  • Will travel
  • One size does not fit all - Yes there are packages for your perfect day.

About Cloud Nine Celebrancy Services

Cloud Nine Celebrancy Services – what we do…………
We celebrate with you, work for you, to make your day absolutely memorable,

Cloud Nine Celebrancy Services – what we do…………
We celebrate with you, work for you, to make your day absolutely memorable, and, all about you; by filling it with fun, energy, joy and passion.It’s about simple things made beautiful and making them your own; its about family, friendships, but most of all, love; and I am so very blessed to be a part of it all ………..Now let’s have some fun and -

"Enter Here for your Cloud Nine Adventure"..............................

Time is precious, so when you sit down with a cuppa or a wine, or in my case a bourbon. Take the 10 minutes to read this section, which will give you a little more insight about who I am, and why we would fit perfectly, with me as your celebrant – happy reading, Deb xx.

So, let’s start with a couple of my infamous wedding quotes –

‘The other left hand’ (when putting the ring on in rehearsals);
‘Remember don’t look at me, your marrying him/her lol’ (when practicing the ring vow section at rehearsals);
‘No such animal as a wedding song – you choose what you love, and it becomes your wedding song’;
‘If someone says you have to do this, that, the other - ‘you don’t’! Refer them to me and have it how you want it.’ ‘It’s your day, everyone else has, had or will have their own!!’
‘I’m on your side and will go into bat for you every time.’
There are more of these quotes, however let’s save some for our meetings, your rehearsal and your wedding day. I have to have some surprises for you.

What you may not know about me -
I use beautiful essential oils in my office while I am creating your ceremony, I wear them all day every day, and have special ones for our meetings and beautiful relaxing ones for your wedding.
How I R & R – somewhere in nature, peaceful, with no tech and a good book. l prefer being near the water, or hidden in the forest or the bush. I definitely do not do this often enough, guilty as charged.
I adore music and play it constantly, I have a couple of favourite genres, though my taste is a pretty wide ranging one, which makes it very hard to narrow down any. For me, there is nothing like live music at a ceremony – bliss.
My dream is to travel Australia with my crew, Darren, Storm and Dax (P.S. - Dax has been getting a little big for his boots and now has his own Instagram page - dax_celebrantassistant), writing my books, and learning my guitar, which by the way, has been patiently waiting for many years, probably still will for a bit.

Now for some history, don’t worry it’s not boring :D! -
I am a passionate dreamer who loves to ‘work outside of the box’, sharing my creativity and fun, as I work alongside my clients, to make their day all they could hope for. Be prepared for a few random and crazy ideas along the way.
Born in a small South Australian town and beginning my working life as a checkout operator, I could never have imagined doing what I do now. My energy, compassionate, gentle and kind personality, saw me taking up a role as a volunteer Ambulance Cadet, and Ambulance officer, until my employment as a full time Paramedic in 1992, leaving behind life as a lunch van driver :D!
As a Paramedic I had achieved my dream at 22, and loved all of the amazing places this position took me, however it was the lives I touched, and those who touched mine, which were the ultimate and unexpected rewards.
There were many highs and lows, but life to date was never boring, and even I didn’t know what I would do next, though I do have to say, I have my limits – e.g. jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft is one!
1994 saw me achieve my Brown Belt in Zen Do Kai, 3 years later I was in Brisbane, and at the start of my journey to the Capricorn Coast and to Cloud Nine Celebrancy Services. This took 13 years, and a number of life altering choices along the way – Ambulance to Mining to Carer and Medical Receptionist, somehow falling into my true calling as a Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrant and Celebrant for all Life’s Celebrations……..Did I know way back when, that this would be my passion, ‘Heck no!’ As a kid I was petrified of public speaking – go figure, me afraid of speaking!
As an adult, I push my limits and myself, to achieve and care for others, due to the difficulties of my childhood – one of poverty, bullying and struggle. Through it all, there was one shining and amazing light – my incredible, strong, supportive and loving mum, who despite her own struggles, brought her young family up through the devastation, and into the compassionate, loving, dedicated adults, my brother and I have become. I am now a wife of 10 years to my hubby Darren, and a mummy of two 4-legged fiends Storm and Dax and as well as an extreme multi-tasker.

I love to go the extra mile, to make my time with my clients, stress free and exactly what they want. Bubbly, funny, understanding, warm and kind-hearted are how others often describe me, but I bet you didn’t know, I am also a die-heard romantic, who just loves a belly laugh along with a good smash ‘em up action movie. There is nothing better than using my talents, to make my clients feel special, whether it be a wedding keepsake, a personalised post on social media, or just making their day seamless and beautiful. My favourite comment about me from my reviews, (though I love them all) is ‘unforgettable personality and heart’, wow what can I say? I work hard to bring my clients ideas to life, with a professional mix of friendly, calming, organised guidance and attention to detail, all the while, making the process easy with a relaxed, down to earth and sharing atmosphere, where I patiently listen to ideas and thoughts, and adapt them to ensure that each ceremony reflects a couple. I love the smiles when a problem is simply solved, and I am always up for a challenge – writing this, was one of those lol! When your big day is over, I never stop being your celebrant, questions are always welcomed and encouraged, and I will always respond promptly to you.
I have worked passionately and tirelessly to bring Cloud Nine Celebrancy Services and Deb Edwards-Brown to where we are today, so please book me now with my booking fee, to make your special day one where you are on; and with, Cloud Nine…………….