• Nifty-Joint small movement Bridge and Pavement Jointing System


  • Road and Rail Bridge
  • Culvert and Wharf Inspection and Assessment Services.
  • Concrete Inspection
  • Sampling and Testing Services.
  • Concrete Core Drilling
  • Cutting and Grinding Services.
  • Design
  • Manufacture and Installation of Small Movement Bridge and Pavement Joints
  • Bridge Construction Supervision and Surveillance Services.

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  • ABN 16 126 980 481
  • Certified Bridge and Wharf Carpenter
  • Certified Concrete Bridge Inspector
  • Certified Steel Bridge Inspector
  • Certified Timber bridge Inspector
  • Certified Fatigue Management technician
  • ABN 82 169 402 756


  • Bridgedoctors pty. Ltd. specialize in all aspects of road and rail bridge inspection and assessment including the material sampling and testing of the elements.
  • Bridgedoctors Pty. Ltd. are the only authorized installers of the Nifty-Joint system for small movement bridge and pavement joints.

About Bridge Doctors Pty Ltd

Bridgedoctors Pty. Ltd. is a small Bridge Consulting Company based in Alstonville, northern NSW. We have been in operation since

Bridgedoctors Pty. Ltd. is a small Bridge Consulting Company based in Alstonville, northern NSW. We have been in operation since 2010 and offer the following services to a wide range of Clients throughout the road, rail and bridge construction and maintenance industry based on over 42 years of practical experience and training.

1. Level 2 Road & Rail Bridge, wharf, culvert, pipe and sign gantry inspections. Inspections are conducted under the NSW Roads and Maritime Services “Bridge Inspection Procedures” and associated specialist training and apply to all types of timber, concrete, steel and composite structures. The structures are broken down into individual elements and each element is rated on the observed condition at time of inspection and an assessment of the overall structure is obtained from the sum of the element conditions with emphasis on critical elements.
2. Concrete sampling and testing for Carbonation, Chlorides, Sulfides and Compressive strength with reports furnished by NATA certified laboratories included.
3. Concrete, masonry and asphalt core drilling, concrete cutting and breaking.
4. Rebound hammer (Schmidt Hammer) non-destructive testing of concrete strengths.
5. Cover-meter surveys of reinforced concrete structures and elements.
6. Dilapidation Surveys of individual structures or elements within a structure that may be of particular interest to the asset owner or be subject to a heritage order or referenced in a Council LEP.
7. Construction, monitoring and maintenance of fauna access gates and habitat devices attached to bridges or located in their vicinity.
8. Rapid response safety inspection for structures impacted by Flood, Fire, vehicular impacts or vandalism.
9. Provide rapid, practical advice to asset owners regarding proposed bridge and culvert replacement or upgrades to guide decision making and potential saving to be had with alternative ideas and practices.
10. Provide construction and delivery supervision of bridge component manufacture, transport and erection to comply with given specifications.
11. Provide skilled site support and equipment services to aid in Structural Engineering Inspections and high level bridge assessments including Live Load Testing.
12. Design, manufacture and installation of the Nifty-Joint® small movement joint for bridges and pavements that is applied beneath the asphalt wearing surface. This joint system reduced replacement time and cost and also eliminates urban traffic noise often associated with conventional bridge joints.
13. Provide advice to project planners and managers regarding the “Construct-ability” of proposed structures and often prevent future maintenance issues by drawing attention to design anomalies prior to construction.

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