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  • Bowen Therapist Norm Smith BTAA, BAA
  • Certificate IV Bowen Therapy
  • ABN 99 742 342 719

About Bowen Therapy Northern Rivers

Visit our website at: or phone us on: (02) 6624 4424 (Lismore) or (02) 6662 2829 (Casino)

Bowen Therapy Northern

Visit our website at: or phone us on: (02) 6624 4424 (Lismore) or (02) 6662 2829 (Casino)

Bowen Therapy Northern Rivers is a local business established in 1994. Bowen Practitioner, Norm Smith has lived in the beautiful Northern Rivers Region for many years and he has been practising the Bowen Therapy technique, often referred to as Bowtech, for over 20 years. The original Bowen Therapy technique is a specialised area of expertise and is quite different from therapeutic massage or chiropractic treatment.

Norm is a certified practitioner (BTAA, BAA Certificate IV Bowen Therapy) in Bowen Therapy and believes in taking a more ‘whole-body’ approach in order to facilitate optimal realignment and patient recovery. He has treated patients of all ages, from the elderly through to young children and babies, with often significant relief and rapid resolution or recovery within just three sessions.

Bowen Therapy is a non-invasive therapy that uses light, cross fibre manoeuvres of muscles and tendons. As only gentle movements are used, it is not painful and can be a very relaxing experience. Bowen Therapy works by gently challenging and rolling muscles and tendons under the skin, encouraging the receptors within the fascia to ‘awaken’. These movements along the patient’s nervous system send signals to the brain which then encourages the body to active its own repair mechanisms.

Bowen Therapy can help improve
- Circulation
- Lymphatic and venous draining
- Assimilation of nutrients
- Elimination of toxins
- Joint mobility
- Normalisation of cellular physiology and tissue integrity
- Bowen therapy can help improve:
- Circulation

Conditions that respond well to Bowen Therapy
- Sport and accident injuries
- Frozen shoulder
- Stress disorders
- Neck and head tension
- Whiplash
- Musculoskeletal pain and imbalance
- Respiratory and asthma complaints
- Acute and chronic fatigue
- Stroke
- Bed wetting
- Hormonal disorders
- Hyperactive disorder
- Learning difficulties
- Sciatica
- Scoliosis
- Digestive problems
- Menstrual complaints
- Carpal tunnel syndrome
- Colic
- Fatigue

Here's what some of our happy patients have to say:

“I'd spent three weeks holiday in the UK in agony due to ‘popping’ my back out just before I left. I hardly slept at all while I was away. It was with some trepidation that I decided to try Bowen Therapy. To my surprise and relief, my back issues were literally resolved within hours” – Mike

“I had been suffering from a chronic earache, which I couldn't alleviate. The gentle Bowen Therapy session triggered the drainage of my ears and I could hear and feel immediate relief as the pressure released from my ear. I realised then that Bowen Therapy wasn’t just for backache!” - Dale

“After experiencing ongoing back pain for more than nine years, I had exhausted all other avenues. I was simply blown away by how good I felt, both physically and mentally, after my first one hour Bowen Therapy session. I immediately experienced relief from my back pain. I could get in and out of my car more easily, slept better at night and didn’t need assistance to get up out of a chair” – Naomi

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