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About Bowen Bodyworx

Bowen Bodyworx practices 'Bowtech' the Original Bowen technique. Belinda has completed her education through The Bowen Academy of Australia in

Bowen Bodyworx practices 'Bowtech' the Original Bowen technique. Belinda has completed her education through The Bowen Academy of Australia in conjunction with the Border College of Natural Therapies. The Academy holds all practitioners to the highest of standards and provides a meticulous education standard. We hold current memberships with both the Bowen Association of Australia and Bowtech the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia.

Located on the Gold Coast suburb of Reedy Creek we also service the surrounding suburbs of Mudgereeba, Bonogin, Burleigh Heads, Burleigh Waters, Varsity Lakes, Robina and Tallebudgerra.

Bowen Therapy is a holistic and multidimensional approach to pain relief and healing that has achieved remarkable results over the past 50 years. It is sometimes called the ‘homoeopathy of bodywork’. It is based on the recognition by Tom Bowen, its originator, who lived and practiced in Geelong, Victoria, that the underlying cause or source of many musculoskeletal, neurological, neuromuscular and other health or pain problems could be found in the soft tissue or fascia.

Bowen is such a gentle but purposeful procedure it can be used on any age group from new born babies to the elderly.

What can you use Bowtech for?

Some of the conditions that often respond favourably to Bowen work are
back pain, spinal problems and sciatica
scoliosis or thoracic pain, digestive and bowel problems (such as irritable bowel syndrome), earache and TMJ problems,
migraines and other types of headaches
Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, hip, knee, ankle and foot problems, menstrual and hormonal irregularities, fertility issues, general muscle stiffness, neck and shoulder problems (including ‘frozen shoulder”),
groin pain, pelvic tilt and uneven leg length, respiratory problems and hay fever, RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow, sports and other traumatic injuries, depression, anxiety/stress related conditions, plus many more ailments. Bowen may also reduce symptoms in people who have been diagnosed with: Autism, cerebral palsy, dyslexia, dyspraxia, multiple sclerosis.
Bowen has been very effective in helping cancer patients deal with short and long term side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

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