Bitumen Patch & Pave

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240–244 Scott StBungalow QLD 4870

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  • * Roads
  • * Pothole repairs
  • * Speedhumps
  • * Carparks
  • * Driveways
  • * Overlays
  • * Private Roads
  • * Crossovers
  • * Asphalt Repairs


  • Pothole Patching and Repairs (including Flocon Road Maintenance Truck)
  • Our team regularly has patching days each week which helps keep the cost of pothole repairs to a reasonable cost for our clients.
  • Trench Reinstatements
  • If there has been a pipe burst, or a new cable needs to be laid underneath your asphalt, we are able to reinstate this area neatly when your contractor has finished. Remember to stress to your contractor to properly prepare the subgrade for asphalting, otherwise if the subgrade sinks, so will your new asphalt. This applies to all subgrade works that we do not prepare ourselves.
  • Speed humps
  • We can make asphalt speed humps to your specifications! Just let us know what you require from your plans and we will make it.
  • Car parks
  • Whether it is a big commercial car park, or a new parking bay at your home we have the equipment and know how to give smooth and durable result. We also have contacts in the line marking industry and can refer you to them if required.
  • Driveways
  • An asphalt driveway is a visually appealing and practical entrance to your home, business or farm. Beautiful curves can be incorporated to enhance your landscaping and will be an asset to your property. Your driveway will look great – and no more pressure washing mould and stains from your driveways surface!
  • Unusual, Tricky and Small Jobs
  • We enjoy being able to offer our clients solutions to those unusual or tricky jobs! Our staff are highly trained in handwork as well as machine work, and thrive on performing those challenging jobs! We don’t mind small jobs like bin bays and bike paths - the possibilities with asphalt is endless!

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