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Asian cuisine takeaway store. Good food made fresh from local produce and quality ingredients. We cater for Birthdays & Social Occasions

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To start off with we ordered our meals at 6.15 pm and received the meal at 7.15 pm I put it down to the five dishes ordered. But our friend ordered her four dishes at the same time and she received hers approx 15 min before. Also several people ordered after our meals and they were roughly three dish orders. When we finally got our food, the food quality was very very poor to say the least. The Pad Thai was a dish of steamed cabbage and noodles. The honey chicken had no honey. The Singapore nood... le tasted like the lid came off the pepper container.
The most disturbing aspect of the meal was the Mongolian lamb had the remnants of steel wool scouring pad mixed in with the meal. This was only found after it was extracted from the mouth of a minor. When I phoned up and complained about the meal and the foreign object, the owner (a "Jessie") stated she was sorry for the bad meal, however did not want to refund the meal and by her tone couldn't have cared less and went to the extent of trying to smooth it over with a replacement Mongolian lamb.
I for one will not be ever dining at that establishment ever and I will be reporting the food contamination to the health board. I will also be warning off all of my friends family and social acquaintances with my experiences with this establishment and any associated chain restaurant.

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