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About Beds ’R’ Us

We’d love to help you find your dream bed for ultimate sleep. Better sleep means less aging, more vitality, improved

We’d love to help you find your dream bed for ultimate sleep. Better sleep means less aging, more vitality, improved alertness, better relationships and more. That’s why a new bed is one of the most important purchases you’ll make, and why we take helping you find that perfect bed so seriously.
Beds 'R' Us is the largest independent bedding group in Australasia. This means, because of our buying power we are able to pass on bigger savings to you! Our top quality mattresses represent outstanding value and are made exclusively for Beds 'R' Us by Sleepyhead, recognised as world leaders in bedding technology. At Beds 'R' Us we pride ourselves on friendly, professional service. Expert advice is available at all times to ensure that the bed you purchase is exactly the right bed for you. Beds 'R' Us have a commitment to advise and help you with this important purchase, a purchase that will affect your sleeping habits for years to come and improve your quality of sleep and ultimately, your quality of life.

The human body uses sleep to restore strength. With the right kind of sleep both body and mind are rejuvenated and sleep becomes a time of regeneration. Beds 'R' Us have a comprehensive collection of beds to suit your preference for comfort, support and technology. Each of our beds offers you something unique - take your time to assess each sleep set and decide which bed is right for you.

The Importance of Buying a Great Bed. Over the last two decades there has been a tremendous growth in health consciousness. Almost every Australian has become more aware of products which promote good health. We are also aware of the benefits of proper diet and exercise, but it has only been in the last few years that we are waking up to the third part of the equation...a proper sleep.

Quality of sleep is more important than ever. As our life styles become more hectic, the time we actually spend in bed is decreasing. We are robbing our bodies of quality sleep time in order to fulfil our other lifestyle activities. Because of this, it is imperative that we believe what researchers are discovering and that is the fact that sleep is a fundamental element of good health.

Until recently it was believed that a firm bed was better for those with orthopaedic problems. Research in the United States has gone along way towards proving that during sleep, our bodies require not a hard or firm mattress, but a supportive mattress with a low pressure surface.

Because there are now many different brands of bed on the market, it is important you find the right bed for you and if applicable your partner, and ensure it will deliver you a quality of sleep and benefit your over all health. At Beds ‘R’ Us we have something for everyone, because we make it easy at Beds ‘R’ Us.

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