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Where is Beautiful Minds

11 Millwell Rd EastMaroochydore QLD 4558


  • 1: BU Online
  • an international media hub for girls aged 11- 17. We upload weekly content about relevant teen topics and offer advice for girls.
  • 2: BU Day
  • a one day concert for girls aged 11- 17 to meet celebrities
  • hear from inspirational guest speakers
  • watch dance performances and listen to music. A concert for the heart and soul.
  • 3: Beautiful Minds two day signature program for girls aged 11- 17. A fun
  • jam packed two day course that is life changing for any girls that take part in it.
  • 4: The Beautiful Minds Book - A Journey Of Self Discovery For Girls

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  • ABN: 64 254 977 091
  • ABN 64 254 977 091

About Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds is Australia's leading provider of confidence and self esteem education for young women aged 11-17. In 2014, we

Beautiful Minds is Australia's leading provider of confidence and self esteem education for young women aged 11-17. In 2014, we educated 33,000 teens in NSW alone.

Our girls today are facing so many more pressures and the latest stats back this, stating that the average year 8 girls experiences the same level of anxiety as a mental patient in the 1950’s. This new data is frightening! This is where Beautiful Minds steps in.

With workshops run in 8 locations around Australia, sessions delivered at schools in NSW, Victoria and Adelaide and an annual event sponsored by Girlfriend Magazine, Westpac Bank, Sony Mobile, Fujifilm INSTAX, SOS Rehydrate, Brent Street, Sony Music and The Stella Network. The one-day event supports the Sony Foundations, You Can Charity, assisting teens with cancer. It is a day for teen girls to hear from celebrities, inspirational guest speakers, watch dance performances, listen to music, sample the latest beauty products and much more. A concert for the mind and soul.
In a world where our girls have so few great role models to look up to, we need to inspire them and support them as much as possible and this is exactly what this incredible event does.

With the ever-growing trend of our teens accessing online content, Beautiful Minds have recently launched an International online media hub called BU. This is a space where girls can share, learn and get up to date content that is both inspirational and educational.
It is a business move that Founder Marina Passalaris thought was a way to remain current. “Our teens should have access to inspirational and useful content by a trusted source like Beautiful Minds. We work with the best psychologists in the business to ensure all our wording and content is constantly updated and girls have tools they can actually use.” We have had a number of celebrities back this online hub and leave some wonderful online messages of hope for our girls.”

Our brand deliverers a number of options for both parents and teen girls so that the entire family unit feels supported.

Our signature programs which we have been delivering for over 9 years, are a special two day course where a small group of teen girls get to work with our team of educators in a safe space. We run these in 8 locations around Australia and the results from past students are remarkable.

Our aim is to support teens and help them to be happy and healthy. We want them to understand how their thinking effects their choices and support them to react and respond to their world in a positive way, with clearer communication and a sound understanding of who they are.

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