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4 years ago
Always get an excellent job done at Bayswater Road Radiators. Very reasonably priced and they always do what they say they are going to do - no unexpected extras. I highly recommend Bayswater Road Radiators.
5 years ago
I had an overheating problem and i stopped in to see them. I spoke with the boss who organised one of his boys to take a look. We both checked and found that the fan belts had come loose and they therefore were unable to spin the fan. The worker said i should replace the belts as they did not look the best. I gave the go ahead for this to be done and also asked if this was something which they were qualified to do. He said yes they do these all the time. i was on my way to Melbourne and after leaving i drove 650Kms from there business and all of a sudden i hear a bang and the temp gauge rises to nearly the red. I quickly pulled over and checked the engine to find the belts had snapped. One was completely missing and the other was caught in the fan. I spent the night on the roadside as i was 40km from the nearest town (Emerald QLD) and it was quite late, so i could not find anyone to help. In the morning i rang and had a mechanic come out who looked at the old belt and said to me that t
Jayden Wignall

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