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Back to Basics Health Solutions Reviews (13)

a year ago
Just finished my first 5 weeks with Jo's online program. Excellent! I have dropped some weight and changed so many habits. Feeling great and am going to keep at it. Super easy and Jo's support is amazing. Don't hesitate and get on board! Thanks Jo :) Robyn
Robyn - Woodford QLD 4514

Finally found a weight loss program that really works!

a year ago
After trying many many diets without success I was looking for a plan with easy nutritious everyday meals. The Back to Basics program ticked all the boxes and has effortlessly fit into my lifestyle. The accountability sessions with Jo are very relaxed and she is amazing at keeping me on track. After just a few weeks I felt healthier, with more energy and less aches and pains. I have a long way to go, but I'm confident I will make it to my end goal.
Amanda Franklin - Townsville QLD

My Clothes Are Fitting Me Better Now

a year ago
I have felt the need for a weight loss and a healthier life for a long time now and finally I have a Back to Basics health solution which is such a positive program. Joanne gives me support and I now am 6.5 kilos lighter in 5 weeks. All my bad habits are changing and can find better food choices, The menus are fitting in with our daily living and not difficult to prepare. Clothes fit better and am feeling well, this is an important health solution for me.
Sandra Buurman - Townsville QLD

Definitely Recommend

2 years ago
I started the program in November 2017, thought if I survive the festive season I should be on the way to better healthier habits carrying a little less weight. I live on a cattle property so have been speaking to Jo over the phone most weeks with updates on my progress. This has been good as Jo has definitely been able to help with hints & suggestions for the times of little change. With the program using everyday foods it has be easy to follow with nice simple recipes to use. Maybe a bit more thought has gone into my monthly grocery shop to make it all happen. To date I have lost 10.5 kg and can't wait to get to my target! Definitely recommend talking to Jo at Back to Basics Weight loss Solutions to anyone wanting a no nonsense fuss free approach to weight loss. The best bit is more energy to work & play!
Rowena - Townsville QLD

Testimonial from our valued client Damien S

2 years ago
Have been on the Back to Basic program for the past 7 weeks, and in that time i have lost 10 kgs. It has been so easy with the help and support from Jo. It has been so easy to cook meals that the whole family can eat. It is also a great education in the type of foods that assist the body and it's natural workings. Could not recommend this enough to anyone. I was having pain problems in the joints, and with the lost weight, the pain is dissipating. I'm enjoying getting out and doing things a lot more. Keep up the great work Jo, you are changing peoples lives for the better.
Client Testimonial - Townsville

Client Testimonial from our valued client Melissa P

2 years ago
Back to Basics is as simple as it sounds. The meals are honestly delicious, when I have my weekly cook up my teenage son almost eats half of it before I can get it into the fridge or freezer. Jo is great! In the past, I have been able to lie to myself about the diet and exercise choices I am making but there is just something about Jo that makes you want to fess up to any mistakes and just get on with it.
Client Testimonial - Georgetown

Testimonial from our valued client Tegan S

2 years ago
A PROGRAM THAT WORKS!! I'm a mum of 3 and run my own business alongside my husband, life is hectic. The back to Basics Weight Loss Program fits easily into family life and dining out was never a problem. There are many delicious recipes to try on the program some of which have become family favourites. I found it simple and easy to stick to and felt so much better for being on it. I'm so happy to have shifted 6.7kgs in 5 weeks and 30.5cm. I'm down 2 dress sizes and feel amazing. The support you receive from Jo is awesome. If you're looking for a program that works call Jo at Back to Basics Health Solutions
Client Testimonial - Townsville

Client Testimonial from our valued client Shanna K

2 years ago
Jo offers over the phone consultation that are amazing and kept me on track. I'm half way to my 30kg goal. Thanks Jo, you have changed my life I cannot recommend you enough, Thanks.
Client Testimonial - Cairns

Client Testimonial from our valued client Claudia C

2 years ago
Thank you for your support. I have been following Jo's program since 28/10/17. I started to lose weight 7.8 kg in first 5 weeks but also because I suffer from an inflammation disease I was looking for guidance on how to manage my inflammation and pain. I have noticed that has improved greatly due to the changes she has helped me with. Here's to my HS going into remission this year. Highly recommend chatting to Jo.
Client Review - Bunderburg

Client Testimonial from our valued client Aron L.I

2 years ago
I am a mum of 3, wife and also work part-time. Back to Basics helped me get back on track to a healthier me. Due to having fibromyalgia I struggle with chronic fatigue and muscle flares constantly. Since starting with Back to Basics I have lost 5kg and centimetres of my body in 5 weeks but I have also had less fibro flares.
Client Review - Townsville

Client testimonial from our valued client Susanne B

2 years ago
I am so very happy with Jo from Back To Basic Health Solutions. Very supportive with my weight loss. Not a hard program to do. Learned healthy eating, and it works. Feeling so much better, and will keep going till I reach my goal. So thank you Jo. Any one who wants to change lifestyle and lose weight. Get in contact with Jo.
Client Review - Ayr

Client testimonial from our valued client Kiara P

2 years ago
I have been on this program for 10 days and I have already lost 3.7 kilos and 41cms off of my body. Absolutely love working with Jo. I suggest anyone that has weight problems to give it a go.
Client Reviews - Townsville

My Back to Basics 35 Day Program

2 years ago
My Back to Basics is as simple as it sounds! The food is so amazing that my teenage son wants to eat it all. Jo is a great support for keeping you on track.
Melissa Pedracini - GEORGETOWN


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About Back to Basics Health Solutions

This program is not just a diet...It's a Way of Life.??The Secret is Out ??At Back to Basic’s you can lose up to 10 kilos in just 35 short days and keep it off.??This is not a dream, just imagine in 35 days time you too could be feeling great and boost your energy levels.??Understand more about your food and what it is doing to you. ??This is the magic key to your success. No more counting Calories or Kilojoules.??With this simple system you will receive private one on one consultations to help you get back to the person you want to be.??Now is the time to take control of your Health and Wellbeing and feel great again.


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