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About Awesome Water–Wide Bay Water Filters

Betty Charteris is the only distribution and servicing agent for Specialized Water systems & Awesome Water in the Wide Bay

Betty Charteris is the only distribution and servicing agent for Specialized Water systems & Awesome Water in the Wide Bay Area. Covering from Agnes Waters to Yandina out to Kingaroy. For the last 20 years she has been supplying Benchtop Water Purifiers with the seven stage filtration system built with Maifan Mineral Stones. Using only Food Grade BPA-free materials it produces great tasting water that is a mild Alkaline Base pure water, that your body and soul will grow on. With Betty's Specialized Water systems the main under bench Ball cock “T” system has a pressure limiting valve to enable the water to flow at the correct pressure through the pre filter then through the Chemical filter up to the bench Faucet. The Maifan stone filter system reduces the effects of heavy metals and increases the PH level of town or tank water to a mild Alkaline level. All Fungus, Algae and Bacteria cannot thrive in an Alkaline environment. The 7 stage process starts with Prefilter Felt pads requiring replacement from time to time (Betty is experienced in doing this so you don't need to worry). Ask her about how the Active cardon stage works as well as the Mineral Balls and how often they need replacing. Stages 4 & 5 have Coral sand and another layer of Active Carbon. The final stages of water purity is 6 & 7 with more mineral balls and a Ceramic block Antibacterial filter.that gives an overall reduction of particles as small as 0.5 Microns. Also available are the freestanding water coolers that can be rented for a very moderate monthly fee that includes maintenance. You will never have to buy water again with this free standing stylish water bubbler. The specialised water systems include all services and maintenance with NO HIDDEN costs. Using the easy to maintain bottle system they are hygienically sealed and backed by a comprehensive warranty and maintenance agreement.This chilled purified freestanding unit has a removable drip tray and its light weight making it easily relocatable, the polycarbonate base will not rust so you won't have rust mark on the carpet or tiles like most other units produce. It’ come complete with a high capacity, activated carbon internal filtration system for removal of Chlorine ,Chemicals, Tastes and odours. All betty’s coolers are environmentally friendly with lower running costs and reducing your household or Office's carbon footprint. Certain models in the Specialized Water Systems range can reduce your water usage costs by upto 80%. We are reducing environmental waste by eliminating the use of plastic bottled water. With a 2 year warranty you can’t go wrong when considering purchasing a unit out right. As a part of our base model we have hot and cold taps with a childproof lock. Variable waters temperatures range from 4 degrees to room temperature and 52 to 92 degrees for hot water. The average filter changes are found to be by experience every 6 months varying slightly from area to area.

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