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  • iH20 insulated pipe
  • Pre-insulated pipe
  • Victaulic Joining Systems
  • HDPE Pipe
  • Chilled water piping
  • HVAC piping
  • Refrigerant piping
  • Lagged Piping
  • Pre-fabricated insulated piping joints
  • Flow and Return CHW chilled water headers


  • iH2O Insulated piping systems
  • iH2O Pre-insulated piping
  • HVAC Piping Installation
  • Design, manufacture and construct chilled water pipelines
  • Onsite Cladding and foaming


  • Manufacture & installation of iH20 insulated pipe & pre-fabricated fittings
  • Manufacture and Installation of CHW Chilled Water Pipelines
  • Construction of HDPE Pipelines
  • Specialised CHW Poly Fabricators and Welders


QA Certified by Global Group
Member of Chamber of Commerce NT
CAL Accredited
Certified Plumbers
Certified Plastic HDPE Pipe Welders

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About Australian Piping Solutions

Australian Piping Systems is a specialist manufacturer, fabricator and installer of iH20 pre-insulated piping for chilled water CHW HVAC air-conditioning infrastructure installations.

APS provides the complete life-cycle approach in providing piping solutions to its customers. We start with the consultation process and provide a customised HVAC CHW piping and HDPE piping solutions, based on the client’s needs, focused on the best ROI.

APS manufactures iH20 pre-insulated pipe, fabricates pipes, supplies and installs a range of piping, including iH20 pre-insulated HVAC piping, HDPE piping, fabrication of pipe spools, bends, reducers, etc. and provides onsite cladding and foaming for chilled water piping applications.

APS is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Standard and is the manufacturer of iH20 Pre-Insulated pipe and Pre-Insulated fittings, offering a JIT stock system.

APS has strategic value-added supply arrangements in place, including with Victaulic, a leading global brand of mechanical pipe connectors. These strategic supply arrangements, ensure we are bringing a broad range of quality technology to our piping solutions, ensuring we deliver exceptionally good value for money and ROI to our clients.

APS employs 35 staff and has workshops and warehouse facilities in Berrimah, NT and a fabrication workshop in Townsville, Qld.


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