Aussie SkipBags Mackay
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Aussie SkipBags Mackay

Aussie Skip Bags Mackay

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7:00 AM - 5:15 PM
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Mackay QLD 4740

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0419 15 72
Aussie SkipBags Mackay Reviews (3)


2 years ago
These bags are just the size and have the same strength as a skip bin, only cheaper ! Excellent service, would highly recommend !
Toni - Mackay

Great service

3 years ago
A great service from the bloke at Aussie skip bags, very friendly, and a great bloke to have a chat with. Affordable, convenient and will highly recommend to public.
Kyle - Mackay

Great Service

4 years ago
I have used pink bags way to many times. I keep using them because they are fast and reliable. One minute it is there and then it is gone. Great Service very friendly.
Clarke - Mackay


  • 1 Cubic Metre - The Joey 200kg
  • 2 Cubic Metre - The Flyer 400kg
  • 3 Cubic Metre - The Boomer 600kg


  • Aussie skip bags can be purchased from the following outlets
  • Porters Mitre 10 Mackay & Sarina
  • Bunnings
  • On Line
  • By phone



  • Green Waste Only Service


ABN 33 545 203 04

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About Aussie SkipBags Mackay

Aussie Skipbags Mackay is a locally owned franchise servicing Mackay areas.

The Aussie Skipbags system is a revolutionary new concept that makes the removal of Bulk, Hazardous and Green waste manageable and convenient.
Our innovative polypropylene NATA tested woven skip bags come in three sizes [two only for hazardous waste] and are specifically designed to take hefty hash loads yet these bags are supplied in compact carry home bag just like a show bag. "Anything you put in a skip bin you can put in a skipbag"

The advantages of a Aussie Skipbag are several, as a customer you have the options to order on line by phone or visit your local stockists to purchase a carry home skip bag that can be filled at any time that suits you.
Unlike the traditional steel skip bin that has to be delivered to your site in a restricted drop area with a limited time to fill without incurring additional fees.
Asbestos removal bins are a much more complex operation if offered.

Our waste management system is a convenient inexpensive stress free way of dealing with rubbish removal that until now has been a complex operation for the domestic consumer.
Our system is a Four Step Operation
Step1. Purchase a Bag.
Step2. Open and Fill the Bag [remember no time limits.]
Step3. We lift it into our truck [Bags can be lifted over fences if required. Our truck only needs the access of a car. Lifting Crane has a 3mt Reach]
Step4. We deliver your rubbish to the dump bag goes with it.

The testing of Aussie Skip Bags was carried out at NATA Accredited Laboratory number 1720 as a Woven Polypropylene [pp] Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container[FIBC] for the Transport of Dangerous Goods as per “The UN Recommendations for the Transportation and Dumping of Dangerous Goods”16 Edition 6.56.9.

All test performed on Aussie Skipbags were carried out in Australia and exceed the weight lifting capacity of the crane fitted to our truck.

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Newest review for Aussie SkipBags Mackay

Toni - Mackay
2 years ago


These bags are just the size and have the same strength as a skip bin, only cheaper ! Excellent service, would highly recommend !
About Mackay, QLD
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