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23 days ago
Shuweevsworldstars 99 says make sure to visit this shop when at Surfer's, the lovely ladies there will look after you. Shuweevsworldstars 99 was at Surfer's for four days when they came across Aussie Gift Shack. They met Helga, who had a lot of experience in art. She was very polite, too. They bought two unique, beautiful wooden handicrafts at a bargain price.
Shuweevsworldstars 99
23 days ago
Gin says she wishes there's an Aussie Gift Shack where she is. This shop has beautiful, handmade wares and it's full of surprises.

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  • Cash
  • EFT


  • Ceramic birdbath decor
  • Artwear
  • Shell Decors
  • Paintings
  • Pearl Box
  • Gift Ideas

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