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Atlas Auto Spares, will get all my Work.

2 years ago
I sent my guys to 2 Auto Wreckers for some hard to get but badly needed parts for a job I was working on and with no luck. The guys ended up at Atlas Auto Spares. I was not aware of the new owner at Atlas, their prices and their great Service, helping my guys get the parts of the car and then at affordable prices for the parts I badly needed and Atlas is a company we badly need here because as all you guys know, the cost of parts bite deeply into ones profit margins. I would recommend Atlas Auto Spares to anyone in the Motor Repair Industry or to anyone that does their own work, Atlas gives good Service at Affordable Prices, what more could one want?
Malcolm - Darwin River, NT 0841

Wow, I can afford to keep my car on the road now!

2 years ago
I had car problems and was off the road. I telephoned a car wreckers in Darwin that has been here years, the prices they asked for the Ford Parts that I required to keep my car on the road was not affordable and as I am a single parent I simply could not afford to pay the prices they wanted and so my car was off the road for 2 weeks, now Buses were my mode of Transport and it was not easy with a child that plays sport. I was told about the new owner of Atlas Auto Spares. I had a friend ring them and when he told me their prices for the parts that I needed and at prices that I could afford, so now the rest is History, I went to Atlas auto spares and not only got the parts that I needed but a lot of advice I or my friend was not aware off. I am on the road driving my daughter to her weekend sports and looking for work, Thanks Atlas Auto Spares you're just what we need here in Darwin, Wonderful Service and Cheap Parts.
Pat - Darwin Northern Surburbs

Folks at Atlas Auto Spares I had the Best Service, Parts and Pri

2 years ago
Folks I must give the new owner at Atlas Auto Spares the Biggest Wrap Possible, the owner and his staff give service that is second to none in the NT. I have lived in Darwin for over 50 years. Folks we usually have to spend a small fortune getting the second hand car parts we need Flown, Trucked and Bused into the NT. This causes us a lot of down time and a lot of money. Well that has all changed now with the new owner at Atlas Auto Spares Winnellie, they have what we need and the service we want. I bought two Alloy Rims and near new tires from Atlas Auto Spares, the owner at Atlas Auto Spares charged me less than a of the price that I as quoted without the tires from the other car wreckers. Folks Atlas Auto Spares will do me from now on. I saved a lot of money buying from Atlas Auto Spares, you do the same folks.
Ted McGuiggam - Palmerston, NT 0830

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