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  • V2000 - ATF
  • V3000 - ATF
  • V4000 - ATF
  • V8000 - ATF
  • Solar light - ATF
  • Solar gate - ATF


  • Video surveillance
  • Alarm system
  • Solar security lighting
  • System/business theft, burglary & vandalism protection


  • Quick installation
  • 24 hours video surveillance
  • Records all site activity
  • Manage alarm schedules via smart phone
  • Night time infrared vision
  • Immediate alarm notification
  • Strobe light & siren activation
  • Tamper & vandal proof



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About ATF Vision

You should never be made to feel unsafe in your own home or worry about walking to your car after work. At Darwin’s ATF Vision we understand your concerns and offer a range of surveillance solutions to make you feel more secure in your own home and working environment.

Here at ATF Vision, we offer a wide range of surveillance equipment to help you feel that little bit safer and more secure. We offer a selection of video surveillance systems, alarm systems, solar security lighting and business theft burglary and vandalism protection.

We also specialise in providing quick installation, nighttime infrared vision, as well as immediate alarm notifications to alert you if there is any activity.

Our product range consists of V2000, V3000, V400 and V8000 ATF, as well as ATF solar lights and ATF solar gates.

Give us a call at ATF Vision today. We’ll give you the security you need.