Assez Nail Studio

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COVID-19 Safety Measures

Additional Safety Measures

  • Hand sanitiser available
  • Additional cleaning
  • Limited capacity
  • Social distancing required


  • Gelly Tips Long Coffin
  • Gelly Tips Short/Med Coffin
  • Pink & White French


  • Acrylic Nail Repair
  • Gelly Tips Re Application
  • Acrylic Removal
  • Acrylic Infills - Long nails (up to 4 weeks)
  • Basic Infill (Long Nails)
  • Advanced Infill (Long Length)
  • Full Coloured Acrylic Set
  • Infill (sets done elsewhere/new client)
  • Full Set Acrylics (Long Length)
  • Basic Full Set (Long Length)
  • Baby Boomer/Faded French (Long Length)
  • Advanced Acrylic Set (Long Length)
  • Assez Nail Studio Special (Mystery Set)
  • Coloured Boomers (Ombre)
  • Halloween Set
  • Character/Fine Line Sets

Ways to Pay

  • CashCash

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