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  • Inspection Reports for new purchases and existing houses.
  • Body Corporate building issues
  • Design in timber, steel & reinforced concrete
  • Earthquake design
  • Project management

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  • MIE Aust, RPEQ.
  • ABN 54 833 960 683

About Arthur Kay Structural Engineers

We are a structural engineering practice on the Gold Coast with a dedicated team to look after and attend to

We are a structural engineering practice on the Gold Coast with a dedicated team to look after and attend to our Clients. We prepare reports relating to structural engineering defects and assessments and provide written documents for home owners, body corporates, insurance professionals & business organisations.

We design in timber, steel & reinforced concrete and cover a range of building structures from single unit residential dwellings to multi-storey commercial and industrial buildings. Earthquake design can be an integral part of our design process, if required.

Whether it's a retaining wall, a suspended concrete slab, a bracing component or a foundation that is lacking we can design a new one for you or assess the likely remedy to return the structure to original condition. Our expertise extends to earthquake resistant structures as well as gravity loaded and wind resisting components.

We take pride in providing a professional, cost effective and timely service to our Clients and find that most will come back to us when they require further advice or design input.

Our Clients deal directly with a qualified Structural Engineer of some 30+ years experience, not a recent graduate who requires supervision by a superior.

You can send us an email at: or you can reach us at: (07) 5580 8075

Contact us for a timely, professional and cost effective service.

We pride ourselves on the service we provide. A lot of our work is derived from repeat Clients and word of mouth referrals. If you have used our service and are satisfied with what we have done for you, tell others. If you are not completely satisfied, tell us.