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  • ABN: 33400769451
  • QBCC [BSA]: 72174, Builder & Completed Residential Building Inspections
  • ABN 33400769451


  • Pre-purchase Building Inspections
  • Pre-purchase Pest Inspection
  • Pre-sale Building Inspections
  • Handover report


  • Pre-purchase Building Inspections:
  • A Pre-purchase Building Inspection by Arrow Building & Inspections will provide you with a thorough report on a building’s condition so that you know exactly what you are buying. We’ll examine all the accessible areas of the building including the sub-floor and ceiling space and list any problems or potential problems.
  • A Pre-purchase Building Inspection is your opportunity to get an unbiased, objective appraisal of the true condition of the property. You may also find your mortgage provider requires a report as part of the loan conditions. A Pre-purchase Building Inspection is usually combined with a Timber Pest Inspection.
  • Pre-purchase Pest Inspection:
  • A Pre-purchase Pest Inspection will determine whether the structure is affected by termites, wood borers, fungi or chemical delignification. We will conduct a thorough examination of all accessible areas of the property in order to compile a report detailing past or present infestation or if any at all. Termites can cause extensive damage in a relatively short amount of time so our reports also include
  • precautionary strategies to prevent an attack.
  • Pre-sale Building & Pest Inspections:
  • A Pre-sale Building and Pest Inspection can be a great way for sellers to maximise their chances of a hassle-free sale and to get the best possible price. Why? Because the pre-sale report gives sellers a true, unbiased assessment of the property. That way if there are faults within the structure sellers have the opportunity to rectify them before potential buyers view the property – and have the same faults highlighted in the building report that they commission themselves.
  • Handover report:
  • Handover reports are for people who have just had a new house or structure built. Sometimes they are called practical completion reports. Special emphasis is put on finding defects that should be rectified before you take possession of the property. If you are already in possession of a property they can be used to identify areas that need attention before the period for rectification expires.

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