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APC Helpline Computers
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Received great service from APC Computers and found the staff to be really friendly.
Jack Thurston

Excellent service, professional, prompt
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Excellent service, professional, prompt, efficient, cost effective, very eager to help.
My wife and I have been customers for some years and watched APC business grow. The service has got better each year.
Beamer has been here twice and has provided an especially expert and friendly experience. Well done Beamer and all the others involved

Testimonial—Outstanding Service
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Good Morning Bheema,

Many thanks for your amazing service yesterday Bheema!!! It is much appreciated as have been all our dealings with your company; each of you are always so friendly and ready to please and most of all put us; your customer first, to the best of your ability.

We would like to thank you for your ongoing and incredible service.

Great Service
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From a very grateful and happy Kiwi who had major problems. I was directed to Amy and Andy who not only got it all going again via remote access when I returned to NZ but did it all with a smile. I not only have found a company that says what it is doing but also does what it says. Even from NZ they will be my first call in the future. Thanks again for everything and especially the smiles and laughter.

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Hi, Just wanted to report that my macbook is now running very smoothly, the even gpu/cpu temps under stress are staying fairly low.
Thanks to Amy and all the guys for your hard work, and getting Apple to do the mainboard replacement for free.
Thanks heaps guys!

4.9 15

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