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8 days ago
Thank you Nick for sharing your divine knowledge, healing, advice and guidance. Through you my purpose in this life and my best path forward was communicated in a way that I could easily understand and act upon. Thank you again.
12 days ago
What a privilege to have been given such helpful and perfect guidance and to have been in the company of this Angel of Light. Thank you so much. Geraldine
Geraldine Loong

Ways to Pay

  • Cash
  • Direct Debit
  • EFT
  • PayPal


  • ABN 79486496802
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  • Psychic Medium–Psychic Readings, Full-Body Channelling & Life Path Guidance
  • Contact your Main Guides, Arch Angels, Loved Ones, Pets, Livestock, Nature & it's Animals
  • Mediumship–Channelling (Full Body Channelling)
  • Psychic Healing & Surgery–Physical & Energetic Bodies
  • Medical Intuitive–Detection and Removal via Healing & Energy Medicine
  • Energy Balance & Clearing, Spirit Removal–Personal, Home, Property & Business Premises
  • Animal Communication–Allow me to pass on information & messages from your Pets, Livestock & Nature's Animals
  • Meditation Tuition–Progression Instruction designed for the individual's spiritual level of understanding
  • Spiritual, Psychic or Personal Development Guidance & Teachings with living Ascended Grand Master, Nick Turner
  • Contact the Ascended Masters–with permission from the collective Masters, lift Students to higher levels of understanding
  • Clear Difficult Blocks & Personal Barriers–to better understand them & then remove them
  • Life Path Guidance; Past Life Regression & Dream Interpretation
  • Light Body & DNA Activation
  • Aura Photography–Analysis Report with Psychic Reading & Interpretation
  • Skype or Facebook Video Calling–Readings, Healing & Teachings also available via these platforms


  • Group readings–Up to 15 clients
  • Will travel for special requests & requirements i.e disability/mature aged clients/unwell to travel/transport issue
  • Contact the Ascended Masters–Grand Master Nick Turner who, with permission from the Ascended Master’s, is able to place individuals in higher spiritual realms
  • Full Body Channelling of The Ascended Masters–for purposes of Teachings

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