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Angel of Light–Nick Turner Reviews (39)


2 months ago
I went to see Nick today, after finding his number only yesterday on this site. Absolutely recommend! He doesn't tell you what you want to hear, he tells you what you need to hear. I went to him today clouded and emotional and confused.. he then have me both the kindness and reassurance I needed, as well as a kick to the butt. I left feeling lighter and much clearer about where I'm headed. I know the way I shape my life is up to me and the effort I put in, and I feel Nick has given me the tools and direction to be able to do that. Thank you so much!
TJ Rowan - Wollongbar NSW
2 months ago
Wow wow wow......i have been to mediums in the past but nothing compares with this experience today..... i was left gobsmacked with Nicks accuracy..... he is real he is amazing i have been attending mediumship classes iver the last 10 months and can confirm Nick is on the ball and real.....thankyou so much for today Nick i will be back for more guidance 💖💖💖💖
Ricky Pearce - Casino NSW


5 months ago
I went and met Nick today and the guidance and help I received from him was amazing. I came away feeling more at easy with everything that's happening in my life
Schanee Pearson - Lismore NSW


7 months ago
Today I had the pleasure of meeting Nick, and what an amazing experience it was! The guidance and advice from Nick and my guides were spot on, allowing me to surrender and know that I am on the right path.
Mia - Casino

Angel of Light Nick Turner

8 months ago
Could feel and visualize Nick's energy work. If you feel spiritually blocked...GO AND SEE HIM. GG
Gabrielle - East Lismore

Nick Turner - Animal Whisperer

9 months ago
We would like to thank and recommend Nick Turner for his animal whisperer help he gave us. Nick did wonderful work communicating with our two cats who weren't getting on. (A new kitten was introduced to the older one). They are now much better together and the oldest Chloe is now much friendlier to us again and coming up for pats instead of avoiding us. Thanks to Nick we now understand the reasons behind Chloe's reactions and behaviour. Thanks again Nick!
Remmert de Vroome - Robina QLD

Very insightful

10 months ago
Nick has a lovely kind energy and a genuine desire to help all in need. He not only taps in to what is happening, he also advises on the best tools and techniques needed to overcome whatever the obstacle may be. Thank you so much for your guidance Nick :)
Gem - Byron bay

A true gift.

a year ago
Nick is someone you may have the luck to meet once in a lifetime - and once you do you should never let them out of your life again. Born with a natural gift for healing and an innate way of getting to the root of deeply held emotional issues that create disease and unwellness within us, he gets straight onto problems you weren't even aware you were holding onto, until he explains it to you and the eureka moment arrives. But even more important is he then knows how to communicate with your subconscious self and eradicate long-held issues that require no arduous tasks on your behalf, as Nick is not only one of those rare and blessed people with the natural ability to heal; he's also dedicated his life to honing those skills and improving his remarkable abilities. I know I'm dealing with the real thing when I don't even have to explain what ails me; Nick described it better than I ever could and I left with a load lifted from me and a newfound inner strength. Bless, and thank
Piers - Byron Bay NSW

Owner's Response

My Dear Piers, When I'm assisting someone who truly wishes to move forward like yourself, it becomes a joyous task and this was so because your inner-self didn't fight me. It simply let go of the old issues and allowed itself to be reborn into balance and light. It was a pleasure to assist you, to give you guidance, to heal you so that you could move on with your experience. I feel from the session that you are a man that will take on board, what your guides have said and live in the moment. When you live in the moment, you begin to understand the nature of the universe within us all. Thank you for those heartfelt words, it gives me great pleasure to give yourself back to you. I know that you will be just fine from now on and you will see the world, in a different energetic way. Warmest Regards, The Angel Of Light
Business Owner. 05.02.2019
a year ago
I think there should be more than a 5 star system rating when rating nicks work. the level of work this high being does there are no words to honour the sacredness and power of it . I have spent my entire life studying with healers in Mexico California and all over the world and became one my self and never in all 25 years in this study and my work with probably over 3000 different healers ever worked with someone so fiercely loving and so attuned with the underlying truth and being able to say the hard truth which somehow are the perfect thing to bring us back to ourselves. there is no being like him... I want to just hang out in his home to be in the incredible energy this man has created..he s a force. he is The man
marisa pouw - earth

Owner's Response

I want to thank you for those kind and heartfelt words, Marisa. I live to heal people because that is what gives me the greatest joy, to see people respond to the work that I do, it is beautiful. When I heal someone, I channel all of my light into their vessel, so that they can get the most out of it. When I feel people responding to it, it makes me go above and beyond. I love to help and to guide individuals such as yourself, back to the realization that they are worthy to be in the sources presence and energy. Please practice what I have asked you to practice and everything will fall into place. Kind and Warmest Regards, The Angel Of Light, Nick Turner
Business Owner. 30.01.2019
a year ago
This would be my second visit to see Nick to follow up on my previous session. Words cannot express my gratitude to Nick for helping me through my inner turmoil and giving me the guidance I need to live the life I want and to express my authentic self. Nick delivers what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, it always comes from a loving place. For the greatest benefits and growth, come prepared to be open-minded and to do the work, you certainly will not regret it. I most certainly don't! Thanks again Nick and Rachel for inviting me into your space and for the enlightening reading. Many blessings!
Fiona - Lismore NSW

Owner's Response

My Dearest Fiona, Always remember to live in the moment from now on and to allow things to play out in their entirety before you assign any feeling to the experience. Remember these two key points and everything else will flow from that. Also, be loving to yourself and come from the centre of yourself in all moments from now on. When you come from the centre of oneself, you are coming from your own divine wisdom and allowing the source of all life to consciously and constantly, support you. Warm Regards, The Angel Of Light
Business Owner. 04.12.2018
a year ago
Anyone in search of answers and clarity would benefit from seeing Nick. He is very insightful and speaks the truth. He narrows down to the very core of the issue and is very precise in addressing any concerns you might have going into the session. I am humbled and honoured to have met Nick and Rachel and am thankful of their kindness and wise counsel. Would most definitely recommend to anyone who is after a reading.
Fiona - Robina QLD

Owner's Response

My Dear Fiona, Thank you for those kind inspiring words. I know that you will put into practice what we discussed. I feel the session really awakened your spirit and gave you the strength to truly go within yourself and start to transform and follow your path. I honestly believe the transformation will unlock many hidden truths and a lot of great wisdom for you. Kind Regards, The Angel Of Light
Business Owner. 27.11.2018
a year ago
Thank you, Nick, for your incredibly insightful reading. I would recommend anyone seeking guidance and healing to see Nick, he gave me truth and clarity which was exactly what I was looking for. Leah
leah - lismore

Owner's Response

Thank you Leah for this kind review. Please follow your truth and your wisdom, as it will truly illuminate your path and set you free. From this moment forward, please listen to your heart and your heart will unlock more knowledge for you to follow. By unlocking this knowledge you will be more comfortable in your own spirituality and it will allow you to see the beautiful light that is within you a lot more clearly. As I was reading for you, I saw your light getting stronger and stronger, it gave me great satisfaction to set you on your proper path, because I know now within myself, that you will listen to your soul and heart as one and come from that space 99 times out of 100. You shall also help others to grow within their own wisdom and their own light that come across your path from now on. Kind Regards, Nick
Business Owner. 09.11.2018
2 years ago
When I spoke to Nick for the first time, my anxiety was absolutely through the roof. The discomfort and anguish I was feeling was not allowing me to function to my highest ability and highest happiness. He spoke to me so kindly and knowingly and gave me advice...That I did not follow through. It had been months after that everything crept up again, and then some. Clearly what I was doing was not working for me (because I did not trust and listen). I came to see Nick, and again he gave me the absolute Truth. Kindly, but firmly. He does not sugarcoat. This is one of the best gifts I could have asked for. Sometimes we need a good kick in the a*. I have followed through, to the T, and lo and behold, as promised, everything fell in line. I feel empowered and fierce. I am PUTTING INTO ACTION loving and respecting myself. I cannot thank Nick enough. What a loving, powerful soul. What a legend. Thank you for everything, and thank you for YOU.
Anna Peregoudova - Mullumbimby NSW

Owner's Response

Thank you for such kind words, Anna. It really pleases me when I see clients follow the advice I give them, to the letter. It's then that they see how easily the Universe works with them, instead of against them. Keep following what I have said for yourself and you will get very far on this path in your life. Your beautiful wisdom will eventually become your truth and give you unimaginable strength. All you have to do is be brave enough, to do what nature says within your heart. Warmest Regards, the Angel Of Light
Business Owner. 20.04.2018

Gifted soul

2 years ago
Before I met Nick I was running on empty. Nick due to your wisdom, guidance and healing, you have helped me achieve what I once thought impossible. Nick has steered me through many difficult life situations with both myself and family. Thank you Nick from my loving heart for all you have done. I would not hesitate to recommend the services Nick has to offer.
Tracey Higgins - Lismore NSW

Owner's Response

It is a pleasure to always assist you, Tracey, because you take my advice and put it into action to the best of your ability. I am most pleased to see your life turning out the way you want it. If you keep following the advice that I gave you, everything will come to pass very smoothly and very quickly. You're on the way to creating a very stable future for you and your extended family. Warm Regards, Nick
Business Owner. 19.04.2018


2 years ago
Spending time with Nick was like sitting down and talking with a life long friend who has intimate understanding of my experience of life. Without fuss, Nick clearly channeled my guides and was able to assist me in understanding my current quandary and my decisions about my future path. Nick's warm and loving ethereal embrace throughout the reading was very healing. Thank you Nick, It was a pleasure share some time and space with you. I'm sure I will see you again sometime.
Rod - Lismore NSW

Owner's Response

My Dearest Rod, I want you to walk with an open heart and an open mind and know that the multiverse is always supporting you in every moment of your life. I would like you to make conscious decisions through your heart from this moment on, regardless of whatever is going on in your external world... for when beings of light do this, we are speaking our truth and allowing our multiversal energies to flow through us, so others may feel this same energy flowing through them, so they may awaken also. Never live in fear, know that you are always supported by the multiverse, regardless of what decision you make my friend. Warmest Regards, The Angel Of Light.
Business Owner. 04.04.2018

Angel of Light

2 years ago
Dearest Nick, Words cannot describe the joy I now feel after your healing. I was lost and felt so very alone until I contacted you. Your assistance has restored my physical and mental health so very gently, and once again I am able to marvel at the glory of all life. You have brought me back to have faith as I walk my path. Eternal gratitude for your loving care.
Antonia Branson - Cawongla

Owner's Response

Dear Antonia, I enjoy giving people back to themselves, because it inspires me to keep on walking my path and practising my Healing Craft. Now you can show everyone the beautiful, musical soul that is within you, so they can feel the grace of the heavens flowing through your voice and your guitar. It is souls like yourself, that I am put on this earth to help. The ones that truly wish to feel the peacefulness that you have known, that has always been within you and around you... you simply just misplaced for a moment or two. Warm and Kind Regards, The Angel Of Light - Nick Turner
Business Owner. 02.02.2018
2 years ago
Thank you Nick for your heartfelt reading today. You have helped me so much to understanding my purpose. Looking forward to our next appointment. Blessings, Gwen
Gwen - Northern Rivers

Owner's Response

It was a pleasure to read for you Gwen, for when Clients are open and relaxed. I find the energy just flows like water, it is such a relaxed atmosphere that develops between myself and the Client, it's then that I find the information comes through effortlessly. It was such a pleasure to give you clarity, because I know that you will put everything into practice and use the information that I have given you, to make changes in your experience, for yourself and for family and friends that are constantly in your ever-evolving circle of life. Warm Regards, Nick Turner... Angel Of Light - Australia
Business Owner. 17.12.2017


2 years ago
A very gifted and humble medium, who speaks the truth...thank you Nick for your session with me the other week at short notice...has assisted me immensely.
Zirala Currie - Lismore

Owner's Response

Dear Zirala, It was a pleasure to help you on your path. I would like you to remember to practise your Meditations daily! The reason why I have said this is that it will allow you to get in sync with your Inner Elder faster. It is then that you will feel the current of the Bunjalung Nation flow through you as the Elders come and work with you through your physical states of awakening. Your Grandmother will guide you through sacred ceremonies within you and you will feel this Healing Energy rise from within you and it will give birth to the kind, wise, compassionate and beautiful woman that you are. It was an absolute pleasure to guide you to your 'right path'. Please practise this craft with discipline, dedication and diligence with love in your heart and know that all the Women Elders that are up in Heaven and still connected to this Country and Land will always guide you with a loving and an open heart and no question will ever be off-limits, as long as it comes through from your soul and heart as one. 💗 Warm Regards, The Angel Of Light - Australia, Nick Turner 😇
Business Owner. 28.11.2017

Consult on April 25th 2017

3 years ago
Nick's wisdom resonated with me. He addressed a number of questions I had with clarity and in a way that was encouraging while providing gentle guidance. Although I didn't know what to expect initially, I was pleasantly surprised with the depth of insight given. Thank you Miranda
Miranda Mann - Tweed Heads

Owner's Response

My Dear Miranda, it is a pleasure to read for souls that are open like yourself. Your energy flowed effortlessly to me. As long as you do what I have said, you will get the reality you want. It was a pleasure to help you understand where you were at within this moment. Kind Regards, the Angel of Light.
Business Owner. 01.05.2017


4 years ago
I have found personally that Nick is quite the real deal when it comes to matters of personal guidance or advice on matters of concern on our life adventure. We forget sometimes that we are NOT alone in our endeavours no matter what they are. Nicks experience and authentic spiritual connectedness created a first class experience from my perspective. His heart based ethical work is both empowering and uplifting. It's a privilege to have unbiased, qualified and affordable input of your position on matters of life direction and where you stand. Positive and effective outcomes and powerful reflections abound in his presence. A blessing indeed. Thank you brother. Phill :-)
Phill - Noosa

Such a delight

4 years ago
I would like to thank you very dearly for all the time you have given me nick I appreciate your guidance and admire your knowledge. You are a breath of fresh air. The clarity i have accumulated through your guidance has been incredible. Your energy is calm and genuine. You have helped me to reach goals and believe in myself For that i am grateful thank you both xx
Tehla Levin - Northern Rivers

Very Grateful

4 years ago
Hi Nick Thank you so much for your words of wisdom today. You have helped clear my head and given me more clarity. I feel truly blessed having spoken with you regarding my nursing and healing career. Love and blessing to you and your Rachel. Love Joanne oxox
Joanne ( Goonellabah) - Northern Rivers

Owner's Response

Dear Joanne, Life becomes a lot clearer when we follow our heart, though it is difficult at first, it shall become easier as time goes on. Follow your path with an invigorated passion and everything will come up roses, I promise. I see you having a fulfilling home life and your work is going to be a joy once again. I know this message has found you in a very good space. It was my pleasure to help you understand your path and to give you solid guidance to set you on your way again. Warmest Regards, Nicholas, the Angel of Light.
Business Owner. 26.01.2016


4 years ago
I want to thank you for your time today nick you always go above and beyond. You are truly amazing and am grateful to have you guide me on my true path. I will always remember what you have done for me. Your guidance is powerful and fulfilling I am grateful to have met a beautiful soul like yours. Again i can not thank you enough x love and light to you and your wonderful family
tehla levin - lismore

Owner's Response

It is a pleasure to read for you Tehla as you make my job ten times easier as you allow information to flow through you and to you quite easily. It gives me great joy to help someone with a noble heart, to walk their path as calmly and confidently as you do. To see someone take my advice and follow it to the letter, it warms my open heart. You have many beautiful things in-store as you will see in the coming months. Your light shall make you even stronger. It is my utmost pleasure, to continually guide you upon your path when you require my assistance. Warmest Regards, Angel of Light, Nick
Business Owner. 22.10.2015

Check In

4 years ago
We're reaching some important stages in the preparation of my further works, but with this Full Moon coming up, I wanted to make sure I was tracking well, and not going off on any tangents (like I have the predisposition to do). I've been fighting those tangents for a couple of weeks now, despite outside influences trying to make me have a case of the "Ohh, pretty!" Nick was most helpful, confirming the fact I was tracking well, and making the progress I am needing at the time. I know I am coming up to an important test of my own abilities in the not too distant future, and quite a few people are relying on my promises to them. Thank you Nick for reassuring me these promises will be kept! Always a pleasure to speak with you Nick. Much love and light to you and Rachel x
Shane - Northern Rivers

Owner's Response

You are tracking well, you are comming into your own technical brilliance once again. Remember to relax Shane and flow with the electrical currents that course through your body. You will make many great technical breakthroughs with anything that you touch... I know this for a fact. Your gifts are boundless, you have a very unique and wonderful way to see technology and because of this, you will become a pioneer in any feild that you truely set your mind to. Warmest Regards, Angel of Light-Nick Turner
Business Owner. 28.09.2015

seeking clarification

4 years ago
Thank you for my reading Nick. You helped me find the clarity I was seeking and helped me greatly to a better understanding of my need to relax, meditate and listen to my spirit guides.Your insight was spot on. I will now put into practise what you gave me.
Janelle - Lismore

Owner's Response

Guidance comes in many forms and you basically needed a reminder of who you truely were inside yourself Janelle. You are a very extraordinary strong woman and your guides just wanted to remind you of this. You can now move forward in your life without any hesitation. Cultivate the light that is within you and through effort and diligence you will find the peacefulness that is within us all. Remember to breathe and through the breath, your reality will be created and the connection with your three main guides will get stronger. Warm & Kind Regards, Angel of Light
Business Owner. 26.08.2015

Needed some guidance

4 years ago
I was at a crossroads in my life, my old career as a technician had failed numerous times over, and had stopped giving me the pleasure I had derived from it ten years ago, I was at a loss for direction, so I made a booking to see Nick just recently, and I must say, he was able to hit the direct answers of all the questions I had of him. His guidance and healing was gentle, but also with the directivity I had sought, opening up a new career choice for me I had had an interest in, but had often discounted as "not for me." I would highly recommend Nick for being a highly skilled, gentle, and humorous soul, who relates to you as a person, and wants the best for you in the guidance and healing he provides. My many thanks Nick and Rachel! Namaste!
Shane Morris - Northern Rivers

Owner's Response

Thank you for the kind words. It is always an honour to read for Souls that are becoming awake and are starting to follow their truth Shane. As the months progress, you will learn to listen to your intuition even more and you will then... trust it completely. The review you wrote was very heartfelt, so thank you once again. Like I said earlier, it is a pleasure to read for people that are open and relaxed. Listen to your inner guidance as it will never steer you in the wrong direction. Kindest Regards, Angel of Light, Nick Turner ॐ
Business Owner. 18.08.2015

Extremely Pleased

4 years ago
I had my reading today with nick ill be forever grateful for all the information he has given me nuck has helped be to open myself ip to see within me. I was overwhelmed with the accuracy on information he gave me. He made me feel very comfortable I could feel the energy and his aura as soon as I walked in. Nick you are an angel I am grateful to have the pleasure to sit in the sane space as you. I have an overwheming feeling of love when I talk about you. Thank you do much I have recommened you already. X
Tehla Levin - lismore

Owner's Response

It was my pleasure to give guidence to such a gifted woman as yourself Tehla. Remember your guides are always supporting you, they are never away from you. Thankyou for allowing me to help you start to understand who you are. It is beautiful to watch people bloom into themselves, as it gives me great encouragment to keep walking my own path. Thankyou for your kind words, they warm this old souls kind heart. Yours sincerely, Nick, Angel of Light
Business Owner. 07.08.2015


5 years ago
This was my first reading and although I was a little skeptical I found Nick was very accurate. I feel I can move forward and stop holding myself back. Thank you Nick I appreciate your help and kindness. I recommend Nick to anyone that is seeking guidance.
Dianne - Ballina

Owner's Response

Thanks Dianne, It was a joy to read for you, to help you get clarity with your situation and to assist you regarding how you would move forward with a positive frame of mind. Always remember to stay focused on the positive things that you want to bring into your life. No one else is in control of your life but yourself. Warmest Regards, Angel of Light, Nick Turner
Business Owner. 01.07.2015

Psychic Reading

5 years ago
Thank you Nick for your genuine and accurate information during my reading... I'm grateful for the guidance and encouragement, you have unbelievably opened my eyes, heart and soul... I will recommend you to my friends... You're a beautiful soul, bless you. xxx
Katherine Meyers - East Lismore

Owner's Response

It was a pleasure reading for an up and comming healer and clairvoyant like yourself. It gives me great joy to see other people connecting to their guides and loved ones. I gave you truth and honesty when you walked through my door, so it was wonderful to see your gifts bloom in front of my eyes. I know you will take the information into your heart, to use it wisely and correctly, to benefit yourself and other's in your circles. Enjoy your journey and your life. Nick Turner
Business Owner. 01.07.2015

Appointment with Nick Turner

5 years ago
With Nick's advice I have moved some very heavy emotional energy out of my life. I feel like a great burden has been lifted off me. The information I received was comforting and rang true in my soul. I highly recommend Nick.
Jennifer - Lennox

Owner's Response

I'd like to thank you Jennifer for your sincere and honest review, I enjoy helping people move through their emotional blocks. It gives me great satisfaction to see that you've taken the advice that I've given you and are working through the issues. It is a Psychics job to help anyone that genuinely wants change, so as to go to the next level in their life. Nick Turner
Business Owner. 15.06.2015

Nick Channeling

5 years ago
The fine vibration and the feeling of love that radiate from Nick as he channeled for me today was very beautiful and touched me deeply. Thank you Nick. Namaste.
Marion - Lismore Heights


5 years ago
Rock solid universal advice coming from this old soul & his guides Will carry this information with me through life Many thanks :-)
Graham - Ballina


5 years ago
The guidance I requested for a family member was given with a caring and loving energy. The information was spot on and totally believable. I know that it was genuine and if followed will yield much growth.
Gwenda - Northern Rivers

Angel Of Light

6 years ago
Nick is spookily accurate in his readings. He has a real depth of perception - I would encourage anyone who needs guidance to speak with him.
Leigh - Northern Rivers

Owner's Response

Thank you for your nice comments Leigh. My work is my life and my passion so therefore when I give people an energy balance or reading it shines through. I know the light will keep you safe.
Business Owner. 28.07.2014

Psychic Readings

6 years ago
Nick is very genuine in his work and 'holds the light' hence the accuracy of his readings.
Marion Brownlie - Lismore

Owner's Response

Light is all that we are, I hold the light for people to see it. Within that light, their own wisdom comes to the forefront. I thank you for sharing your experience.
Business Owner. 28.07.2014

Great reading!

2 months ago
Thanks Nic for your time with me yesterday. Your energy has lightened my heart and touched my soul. You acknowledged my fears and removed the blocks. Thank you!
Shiny Susie Sunflower - Lismore NSW


4 years ago
Thank you for the reading. Your words were very soothing and accurate. I will endeavour to be guided by your words.
Julie - Northern Rivers

Owner's Response

Remember to find the balance within you and your life and everything shall turn out the way I said it shall. You Julie, are the creative force within your own reality remember that... always stay positive, even when you feel that you can't, at least try. Positivity and relaxation are the keys to building a very strong & flowing reality. Warmest Regards, Angel of Light-Nick Turner
Business Owner. 28.09.2015


4 years ago
I want to thank you for your support and clarity tonight I appreciate your time so dearly that you have given to me. Your gifts are truly amazing and powerful I hold your words of wisdom very close to me. I am sending love to you and your family x thank you again.
tehla levin - lismore

Owner's Response

It's people like you Tehla that make my job a joy. To see one person blossum into their true identity is absolutely beautiful to watch. You are incredibly gifted and your gifts will not overwealm you, they shall enhance you and give you great strength... I promise. The light that is around you will only become more magnificent as you step through it and become who you are meant to become and I am here to guide you whenever you so wish. The gifted are drawn to the gifted. Warmest Regards, Angel of Light-Nick Turner
Business Owner. 28.09.2015

psycic medium

5 years ago
It has taken me a while to write my review. Nicks reading was amazing. there was a lot to take in. I've needed to let all the information sink into my head first before I was ready to share. My dad came through to me, which is what I was wanting. I'm very happy with nick and his ability to contact the other side.
Amy Davey - Broadwater


  • Psychic Medium–Psychic Readings, Full-Body Channelling & Life Path Guidance
  • Contact your Main Guides, Arch Angels, Loved Ones, Pets, Livestock, Nature & it's Animals
  • Mediumship–Channelling (Full Body Channelling)
  • Psychic Healing & Surgery–Physical & Energetic Bodies
  • Medical Intuitive–Detection and Removal via Healing & Energy Medicine
  • Energy Balance & Clearing, Spirit Removal–Personal, Home, Property & Business Premises
  • Animal Communication–Allow me to pass on information & messages from your Pets, Livestock & Nature's Animals
  • Meditation Tuition–Progression Instruction designed for the individual's spiritual level of understanding
  • Spiritual, Psychic or Personal Development Guidance & Teachings with living Ascended Grand Master, Nick Turner
  • Contact the Ascended Masters–with permission from the collective Masters, lift Students to higher levels of understanding
  • Clear Difficult Blocks & Personal Barriers–to better understand them & then remove them
  • Life Path Guidance; Past Life Regression & Dream Interpretation
  • Light Body & DNA Activation
  • Aura Photography–Analysis Report with Psychic Reading & Interpretation
  • Skype or Facebook Video Calling–Readings, Healing & Teachings also available via these platforms


  • Group readings–Up to 15 clients
  • Will travel for special requests & requirements i.e disability/mature aged clients/unwell to travel/transport issue
  • Contact the Ascended Masters–Grand Master Nick Turner who, with permission from the Ascended Master’s, is able to place individuals in higher spiritual realms
  • Full Body Channelling of The Ascended Masters–for purposes of Teachings

Payment Methods

Direct Debit

About Angel of Light–Nick Turner

Nicholas is a Professional Psychic Medium, Healer and Teacher with over 22 years experience in this very exciting field. Nick is highly respected amongst his clients, students, colleagues and friends alike. Nick's a heartfelt person who respects the privacy of his clients and will give you 100% of his time and energy, passing on the truthful messages he receives from the universal light.

Nick tunes in through the heart chakra for readings as it is the seat of peoples physical and emotional consciousness. The heart is the one aspect of yourself that will not lie to you. It's there that Nick connects with all beings physical and spiritual. Before the arrival of each client or group, Nick meditates specifically to gather their personal information from their guides. This meditation is thus making sure he is accurate and clear for the purpose of the visit whether it is a reading, for healing or in regards to one's teaching.

Nick, being a Buddhist Master, he can offer healing and energetic cleansing. He teaches meditation and works with his students on an individual basis. Able to contact the Ascended Masters he also has the qualification to lift students to higher spiritual levels.

Please take the time to look through the Angel Of Light "Products and Services" to see the full range of services provided. If you have any queries or would like more detailed or specific information, please don't hesitate to call, send an email or message me on facebook. Psychic Readings, Channelling & Healing are available In-Person or via Skype or Facebook Video Calling upon request.


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