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3 months ago
Angela says she felt so light and relaxed when she left and still feels the benefits of Bowen therapy weeks later. It was her first time to experience the treatment and Ros made sure to explain the process. Angela says she was totally amazed and will definitely be back on her next visit to Ballarat. She couldn't believe how Ros was able to put her back together and treat her shoulder pain when her hips were out of balance. Angela felt very comfortable from the beginning and it was like she had a 3-hour massage.
3 months ago
Dermot says it was such a gentle treatment and he honestly couldn't understand how Bowen therapy could have such a positive effect on his wellbeing. He was just disappointed that he couldn't have more sessions with Ros Jennings during her recent visit to Ireland due to time restrictions. Dermot says he would recommend having at least one session.

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