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About Alsafe Insulation Warehouse

lsafe Insulation is a family owned and operated local business which has serviced the Wide Bay area over the 10 years, providing an insulation product of Polyester and Wool Blend Batts. The products are made in Queensland; ensuring customers keep it local and maintain a focus on the environment.
Why Insulate?
Insulating your home helps the environment, improves comfort and saves you money.
Homes need insulation to keep you warmer in winter, cooler in summer and cut down outside noise.
Insulation makes your air-conditioning unit work more efficiently, or in some cases negates the need for one at all.
Homes with quality insulation enjoy lower energy bills, saving you up to 50% each year. This is good for your pocket and the environment - saving you money and conserving our precious energy resources.
Polyester Batts
Alsafe Insulation specialises in 100% Polyester Batts that pose no known health risks to installer or residents, provides a vital contribution to health, safety and comfort, maximise the positive effects of insulating and ensure the largest possible energy savings.
The Queensland made Polyester Batts can also be used in some of your bedding, it is fire resistant, vermin resistant, and non-allergenic making it perfect for allergy and asthma suffers.
Keep It Local
Alsafe Insulation's major objective is to provide customers with safe insulation products that are manufactured to highest Australian standards, fully tested to ensure optimum performance for your home.
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