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Specialising in swimming pool repairs and the resealing of concrete and fibreglass surfaces All Protective Coating can apply it with a new surface finish. Along with the sparkle and colour, a new coating can be put back into your pool We also re-tile or render your pool according to your needs. Over time Swimming pool surfaces can thin and deteriorate. Surfaces become discoloured and dark patches can appear resulting in the coating lifting, peeling and cracking and eventually the coating failing. Leaving the Deteriorated Pool surface causes great future costs. Creating rotting fibreglass and/or the Concrete absorbing and cracking with rust. Whilst the integrity of the coating is still good, your pool surface can be sealed and the long-term solution is effective. Mistakes are made by Leaving the old pool surface too long, with more and more work needed that creates more cost to fix..."so a stitch in time saves nine" is imperative to you saving in the back pocket! With 22 years of experience All Protective Coating can give your pool a full make over by upgrading it with a new surface finish and restoring it into an up-to-date modern pool that looks brand new and is easily maintained with minimal effort, whilst adding value to your home. All Protective Coatings has been working in the Northern Territory for the past 12 years, and all their work is carried out with quality in mind. “do something properly do something once, it might cost a little bit more now but you won’t have to pay for it again, the job will be done right,” You can rest assured, our professional team at All Protective Coatings are licensed tradesmen who know the importance of communication and reliability. Remove years of wear and tear, renovate, refurbish and give your pool a new lease of life for you, your family and friends. A crystal clear, clean healthy Pool is what it's all about! Call and talk to us at 0427 012 818, we offer a free estimate


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  • Waterproofing

  • Leak Solutions

  • Fibreglass Pool Restorations

  • Concrete Pool Restorations

  • Pool Tile Restorations

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  • Certified Protective Coatings Inspector BCCA & PCCP Certified # 271

  • Traded Painting Licence #BCG30603

  • SA Building Licence # BLD 217418

  • Housing Industry of Australia Member #1261302

  • OH&S Construction Induction White Card # 40161-1-00000490-01

  • Elevated Work Platform & Confined Spaces Certification

  • NT Working with Children Ochre Card #74631

  • Government Related Employment Screening

  • Contractor's Licence Supervisors Registration Building Work Protective Coating

  • Waterproofing Certificate Code #8061P

  • Police National Certificate #IND-120917-123-152

  • NT Building Contractor Registration #291469CR

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you re render a pool?

Yes, we can.

All Pool Restorations