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  • Alfie's Towing carries out reliable towing in Cairns in case of car collisions or breakdowns. We also offer general cartage in our service area.


  • The car carriers at Alfie's Towing specialise in towing in Cairns.

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Car carrying and towing in Cairns are made less time consuming and more productive only at Alfie's Towing. Trusted by many customers for possessing unparalled expertise and exercising professionalism in towing, our team of licensed and dedicated carriers is proud to offer our full range of services to achieve your utmost satisfaction. We are committed to serving in all areas of Cairns.
You no longer have to worry about fast and reliable towing in Cairns because at Alfie's Towing, we operate as soon as you phone in cases of vehicle accidents or breakdowns. Striving for a better-quality customer care service, we ensure quick arrival for immediate and efficient roadside emergency operations.
Promising you efficient and exhaustive roadside assistance and breakdown operations, our team of car carriers performs only with functional and effective towing equipment and machinery. We have a large selection of tilt trays and tow trucks fully equipped with chains and winches to haul and ensure the safety of all types and sizes of vehicles. Alfie's Towing is also proud to offer you general cartage for the transport of goods in Cairns.
Contact us at Alfie's Towing for a fast and secure car carrying in Cairns and surrounding areas. You can receive our services anytime from Monday to Sunday. We also offer quotes.

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Reviews ( 4 )

I never had a issue.Great staff and easy to deal with

3 months ago
Nav Sands - Bungalow, QLD

Great Service

4 years ago
prompt and nice people to deal with . I am very happy with the price . thanks boys .
- Bentley Park, QLD

Poor service

4 years ago
Friday 6/11/15 I kindly asked an elderly man to specifically do one job which he did not really cooperated as my vehicle was in a poor state. Disappointed to say this man did a lousy job, he didn't do what I specifically said on where to park my vehicle. He even took off while my vehicle door was open when it was on the tow truck. Because this man was in such a hurry to knock off work and on top of it all was in a grumpy state.. He made a rude remark about my vehicle saying that "It's better off going to wreckers". I did not pay you to make smart comments ok, I paid you to do your JOB! No thanks to this man we will have to finish the job ourselves.
- Cairns

Terrible dont use this company

2 months ago
The person I had the unfortunate experience of meeting was so unprofessional, lied about conversations and acted very unprofessional.
- Cairns, QLD