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You may not have heard of the Lasseter region in the Northern Territory, but we promise you will know about a behemoth sandstone ‘rock’ in the area. Uluru, located in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is one of the most recognised locations in Australia. The rock itself is a treasure trove of ancient wisdom and home to the traditional landowners, the Anangu people.
Uluru and the surrounding land are recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage listing. While you may be tempted to sleep in on holiday, you’ll want to be in awe of both sunrise and sunset as the sun rises and sets over Uluru. It is the belief of the Anangu people, that when the world was being formed, the Mala men took the Uluru climb when they first arrived to the area. The locals ask that you do not take ‘the climb’ in respect to their beliefs and culture.
A 27-minute drive from Uluru will bring you to the town of Yulara, known as the gateway to Uluru. The area was established to remove developments from around the immediate Uluru area, to help preserve the environment. What was once an inhabitable area is now a lush resort, acting as an oasis in the Red Centre of the Northern Territory.
Halfway between Alice Springs and Uluru, in the heart of the Red Centre and the Lasseter region, is Kings Canyon. Forged more than 400 million years ago and at a staggering 270 metres above sea level, the canyon is an important place for native animals and plant life, as well as the traditional land owners. While people are encouraged to take in the stunning environment, the land owners respectfully ask for people to not swim in the waters due to its significance in their culture.
In the Lasseter’s region, campgrounds, resorts, glamping hotspots and lodges are an extremely popular. It lets you take in the stunning scenery and get back to nature, all while having the creature comforts of home.

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