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Warrawong is a suburb of Wollongong in the Illawarra region of New South Wales. It is situated on the north-east corner of Lake Illawarra on Griffins Bay.
The Warrawong area has been known variously as “Steeltown”, “Kembla Estate”, “New Kembla” and finally today “Warrawong”.
The name is an aboriginal word, said to be derived from “a whiting” and the “side of a hill” or “windswept”.
Warrawong is home to Westfield Warrawong, one of the 3 major retail shopping centres in the region. The centre houses BIG W, Aldi, Target and Coles and a Hoyts Multiplex Cinema with other boutique and franchise stores, and as the second biggest shopping precinct in the area it is a major attraction for Illawarra residents.
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