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Wallabadah is a small town that was formerly known as Thalababuri. The town was named after the Aboriginal word that means “stone”. The first European settlers came to the area in 1830. Wallabadah began to develop as a settlement in the 1850s and in 1856, the post office was built. Plenty of structures built in the 1800s still stand in Wallabadah to this day. One of which is the racecourse, which was built in 1898. The racecourse is the site of the first racing club in the country, and the Wallabadah Cup takes place every year on New Year’s. Another attraction is the Marshall MacMahon Hotel. It was built in 1867 and sections of it are still being used to this day.
Wallabadah’s main industry is sheep and beef cattle. The town is s...

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