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Fennell Bay, established in 1882, is a small suburb in the City of Lake Macquarie. The place was named after Richard Fennell, one of the pioneer settlers in the area. Richard Fennell, who arrived from England, came from a family of wine and spirit merchants. He took residence in the area and built his home, Belle Vue, which was later destroyed in order to build the first Fennell Bay Bridge.
Fennell Bay is the pioneer in preserving fossil forests in Australia. In 1834, the fossil forest was recorded by missionary Reverend L.E. Threlkeld. The large area of Fennell Bay was first subdivided into sections in 1882 and the divisions were called Brougham Avenue, Turnbull Streets, Bellevue, Fennell, Wangi and Awaba. By 1883, a sawmill was a...

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