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A small town under the local government area of Warrumbungle Shire, Baradine is situated in the north western part of New South Wales, 491 kilometres northwest of Sydney, 71 kilometres east of Coonamble and 46 kilometres northwest of Coonabarabran. Originally inhabited by Aborigines, the town’s name is said to be derived from a local Aboriginal word for “red wallaby.” Europeans established settlement in the late 1830s and Baradine was declared a village in 1865. The Baradine Post Office opened two years later in January 1867. A significant portion of Baradine is composed of the lush foliage of the Baradine State Forest, Timmallallie State Forest and Wittenbra State Forest and Yarrigan State Forest. It is also next to the Pilliga Natur...

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