Best Water Cartage in North Burnett QLD

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Water Cartage in North Burnett

Need water delivery near you? These 2 results are waiting for your call.

Keenan M L & L R

Servicing North Burnett QLD | 14.9 km away

Kolan Transport Services

Servicing North Burnett QLD | 91.4 km away

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Common questions about water cartage

How do I know if a company is licensed to deliver potable water?

They must hold a food licence issued by their local council and the water must be sourced from treated drinking water sites approved by the council.

What is potable water?

If you can drink the water or use it to cook, it's potable. Essentially, potable water means it is food grade and able to be consumed.

What is water cartage?

Water cartage is the bulk delivery of water for drinking, swimming pools, job sites, water tanks and much more.

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