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Central Veterinary Care Clinic Casino

We Care For Your Pets As We Would Our Own

35 Johnston St Casino NSW 2470 | 26.7 km away
Open Today

Caring Vet Services

Check Ups

Health Treatments


Caring Vet Services

Check Ups

Health Treatments


Kyogle Veterinary Clinic

81 Summerland Way New Park NSW 2474 | 1.2 km away

McErlean Joe

274 Summerland Way Kyogle NSW 2474 | 1.5 km away

Gold Coast Bird Vet

132 Gabal Road Lillian Rock NSW 2480 | 18.4 km away

Common questions about vets

How can I tell if my cat is sick?

Changes in behaviour, eating and drinking habits, urine and defecation output, vomiting and coughing may be common signs of illness.

My dog ate chocolate - now what?

Call your vet for advice - depending on the amount eaten, they may need to be seen immediately. Minor cases can sometimes be monitored from home.

Can a vet help with my dog constantly barking?

Maybe. It is a good idea to see a vet for a check-up for any medical issues, as well as tips that may manage barking.

How do I know if my dog is pregnant?

There are physical and behavioural signs to look for—however only a professional diagnosis can give you a definitive answer.

My pet needs to see a vet, but I can't afford the bill. Now what?

Talk to your vet - they may offer payment plans with a deposit in some circumstances.

I think my dog has anxiety. What do I do?

Behaviour therapy and medications may be of assistance. Discuss with your vet.

Why does my pet pace at night?

Old age can cause dementia-like behaviours in pets. Anxiety, pain, or another underlying medical issue may also find it difficult to settle.

How can I tell if my pet has fleas?

Fleas are small and fast, and can sometimes be hard to detect. They commonly hide under armpit and groin areas.

My cat keeps vomiting. What should I do?

Occasional vomiting might not be cause for concern – if the problem persists, a vet check may be necessary.

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