Shawline Embroidery/Bundaberg Clothing Factory
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Shawline Embroidery/Bundaberg Clothing Factory

Shawline Embroidery/Bundaberg Clothing Factory

Your one stop shop for all your uniform & embroidery needs!

40 km away
Bundaberg South QLD 4670
Super Suds Commercial Laundry

Super Suds Commercial Laundry

39.8 km away
Bundaberg West QLD 4670
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Top Products offered for Uniforms in Childers

  • Work Wear

  • Sublimated Clothing

  • Bags

  • Badges

  • Sporting Apparel

  • School Uniforms

  • Polos

  • Hats

  • Towels

  • Corporate Wear

Top Services offered for Uniforms in Childers

  • Uniforms & Clothing

  • Embroidery

  • Clothing Supply

  • Sewing

  • Washing—commercial Linen

  • Laundromat Services

  • Pressing

  • Manufacturing

  • Table Linen—clubs & Surgery

  • Personal Washing Blankets & Linen