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HD Mechanical Services, Tyres and Towing

Mechanical. Tyres. Towing.

91 Churchill St Childers QLD 4660
0.7 km away
2 Reviews
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2 Reviews

Mechanical. Tyres. Towing.

Isis Tyre Service

85 Churchill St Childers QLD 4660
0.3 km away
Featured reviews for tyres in Childers.
Excellent service, fantastic team.

Dave has been more than helpful. As soon as we rang him, he directed us where to go to get to his business -he checked our van when we got there and offered numerous options. One of his boys drove 90mins to Gympie and back to retrieve a 2nd hand gearbox. They gave us a time frame and a price and they stuck to it. Excellent service, fantastic team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to repair a flat tyre?

Yes, as long as you know what to do to change a tyre. Also check your spare tyre regularly to make sure it is good to go when you need.

How should I care for tyres that I have in storage?

Tyres should be stored in a cool and clean place away from direct sunlight, sources of heat and ozone.

Can I go to a lower speed-rated tyre than what came on the vehicle?

As long as the replacement tyre size speed rating is equal to or higher than the O.E. tyre-size speed rating.

How much load/weight can my tyre carry?

Never exceed the load-carrying limits moulded on the sidewall of the tyres or the maximum vehicle axle load limit on the vehicle tyre placard.