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Bega Tyre Service Pty Ltd

10/12 Church Bega NSW 2550
0.2 km away


10 Church St Bega NSW 2550
0.2 km away

South Coast Tyres

73 Auckland St Bega NSW 2550
0.3 km away


268 Carp St Bega NSW 2550
0.4 km away

Tathra Tyres & Auto Service

88 Bega St Tathra NSW 2550
13.9 km away

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to tell when I need new tyres?

Tyres are worn out and in need of replacement when you see the tread-wear indicators, which are located at the base of the main grooves.

How many kilometres will I get out of my tyres?

Many factors can affect the tread life of your tyres, such as tread compounds, construction features and tyre maintenance.

How much load/weight can my tyre carry?

Never exceed the load-carrying limits moulded on the sidewall of the tyres or the maximum vehicle axle load limit on the vehicle tyre placard.

Do my new tyres require special treatment?

No, if they are new. However, drive carefully while you get accustomed to them. You may feel a difference when accelerating, braking and cornering.