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Septic Tank Cleaning & Servicing in Woonona

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Servicing Woonona NSW | 15 km away

Adam Christofides Plumbing

Servicing Woonona NSW | 20 km away

Common questions about septic tank cleaning & servicing

What’s the advantage of having a septic tank over deep sewerage?

Septic tanks are much more affordable and easier to maintain than a deep sewage system.

How frequently should I clean my septic tank?

It depends on its amount of use. However, general rule is your tank should be pumped every 4 years.

How can I stop root growth in my septic tank?

Purchase copper sulphate from any hardware store and place 1/2 a cup in the toilet bowl at the end of each night.

My drains and toilet have started gurgling. What should I do?

It’s most likely because your septic tank is overfilled or perhaps blocked. Call your local septic tank cleaner to resolve the problem.

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