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Port Stephens Security

Keeping your family & assets protected

Servicing One Mile NSW | 6.2 km away

Security systems


Alarm monitoring

Uniformed guards

Security systems


Alarm monitoring

Uniformed guards

Hedland Security & Electrical Pty Ltd

Servicing One Mile NSW | 6.2 km away

Chubb Home Security

Servicing One Mile NSW | 6.6 km away

Newcastle Security

Servicing One Mile NSW | 7.6 km away

Common questions about security systems

Do you need a phone line to have a security system installed?

Definitely not. Wireless systems use mobile connections, meaning even in a blackout or if your lines are cut, your property is secure.

What is a security system?

A security system is typically made up of motion, door and window sensors, security cameras, alarms, control panels and more.

Can pets trigger a security system?

Most alarm systems have a pet friendly sensor that can detect the difference between a human, cat or dog.

If there's a power outage, will my security system stop working?

As a backup, most security systems have batteries or mobile connectivity in case of a blackout.

How do I know when to replace batteries in my security system?

You'll notice your sensor light change colour or start flashing when your batteries are running low. Too low and you'll most likely get a false alarm.

Will installing a security system lower my homeowner's insurance?

It depends on your insurance provider; however, most will offer a 5 to 15% discount for a monitored security system.

What happens when my alarm is triggered?

Normally your security company will call you to confirm if it is a false alarm, and then send you a security patrol will be sent to your property.

Can I replace my security sysyem batteries myself?

Check with your supplier first as doing it yourself may void your warranty, if it's still in place.

What security system options are good for renters?

If you're renting a property and don't have permission for a hard-wired system, you'll want to look into a wireless security system.

Can I take my security system with me if I move?

A wireless system is quite easy to move, however a wire system will holes and cables in the wall. Check with your installer for more information.

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