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Panel Beaters & Smash Repairs in Gloucester

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Valley Motors–Autopro

38–40 Denison St Gloucester NSW 2422 | 0.1 km away

Troy’s Windscreens & Kool Kustoms

54 Clement St Gloucester NSW 2422 | 2 km away

Stubs Panel & Paint

13 Kendall St Gloucester NSW 2422 | 2.3 km away

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Common questions about panel beaters & smash repairs

If the car structure is damaged, is the car going to be a write off?

The car is a write off if the repairs exceeds the value of the vehicle. This is determined by your elected insurance company.

Do I need to notify my insurance provider before car repairs?

Definitely. Let your insurer know prior to repairs so they can inspect the vehicle, if needed, and to ensure they can cover the cost.

How long will the repairs take?

The repair time does varies depending on the panel beater and the amount of damage sustained to your car.

Who do I pay my excess to?

If you have insurance excess, it’s up to you to pay the panel repair shop. Your insurance company will handle the rest.

What is an itemised account for car repairs?

Before approving car repairs, ensure you get an itemised account of the cost breakdown to ensure you’re receiving fair prices on parts and labour.

Can you match the paint colour?

Most factory finishes now utilise multiple coats of specialised paints.

What happens if my vehicle is not drivable?

If the vehicle is not drivable, you can arrange to have it towed to a workshop and where it can be taken care of.

Do I need to use genuine car parts to keep my warranty?

Non-genuine parts will generally come with their own warranty, even if it voids your car’s warranty to cover the part in the future.

Do I pay the excess if the accident was not my fault?

Third party insurance should cover the need for excess through your insurance. Talk to your personal insurance provider for more information.

How do I get home once I’ve dropped my car off?

Most panel beater repair shops offer rides back to your home, work or other location you need to be.

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