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Massage Therapists in Mareeba

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Wellness Massage & Therapeutics

A place to unwind and rejuvenate body, soul and mind

89A Byrnes St Mareeba QLD 4880
1 Review

Far North Chiropractic

312 Byrnes St Mareeba QLD 4880
2 Reviews
2 Reviews

Taylor Tamara

4/114 Byrnes St Mareeba QLD 4880 | 0.2 km away

Natural Health Focus

9/166 Byrnes St Mareeba QLD 4880 | 0.3 km away

Care Chiropractic Queensland

2/159 Walsh St Mareeba QLD 4880 | 0.4 km away

Mareeba Massage & Natural Therapies Centre

19 Byrnes St Mareeba QLD 4880 | 0.6 km away

Ferguson P L

31 Vaughan St Mareeba QLD 4880 | 0.8 km away

Oasis Wellness Centre

46 Abbott St Mareeba QLD 4880 | 0.8 km away

Featured reviews for massage therapists in Mareeba.

Nathan left a review for Far North Chiropractic
Thank you

Highly recommend Far North Chiropractic, they have always shown best results and been the most effective i have been too. They are very thorough and very experienced and knowledgeable. I would not go anywhere else, give them a try, you would not be disappointed!

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Common questions about massage therapists

If I want a really deep massage shouldn't I see a male therapist?

No. It’s a matter of style, training, and therapist preference. Some therapists prefer not to give really deep sessions.

Do I have to cover myself with a sheet or towel?

This is known as draping and depends on the therapist and in some cases, the law. The vast majority of therapists will insist on draping.

Will the massage hurt?

This depends on the type of massage and the depth of the strokes. A light, relaxing massage that doesn't probe deep into the muscles, shouldn't hurt.

How long will a massage treatment last?

The average full-body massage treatment lasts approximately one hour. A half-hour appointment only allows time for a partial massage session.

Do I have to be fully undressed for a massage?

Your massage therapist will direct you to undress to your underwear or a level that is comfortable for you. A towel is always used to maintain your modesty.

How will I feel after my massage treatment?

Most people feel very relaxed. Some experience a significant decrease or freedom from long-term aches and pains.

What do I do during a massage treatment?

Make yourself comfortable. If your therapist wants you to adjust your position, she/he will either move you or will ask you to move what is needed.

What should I expect during my first massage therapy visit?

Before a massage, you’ll complete a medical history form and be asked a few questions to assess your needs. And then it’s time to relax.

How many sessions will I need?

Honestly, it’s hard to say. Every person is unique and every condition is unique to each person. It may take one session or it may take several.

How often should I get a massage?

It varies from person to person. If you are just looking for some occasional relaxation, then a session every 3-6 weeks may be fine for you.

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If you're a resident in Mareeba and looking to have treatment to assist with back pain then seeing massage therapists could be beneficial. Massage therapists are cost effective and prevent chronic injuries from requiring medical treatment or possibly surgery. Remedial massage addresses specific areas on an individual that need assistance with recovery through muscle manipulation and reflexology. A common injury which is treated with remedial massage is a torn ligament caused from playing sports or vigorous physical activity. Massage also can quicken the recovery process for elite athletes who are required to perform continuously and can't take long periods of time to rest.

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