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Boss Mowing

Canungra QLD 4275

KOS Prompt Service

Servicing Canungra QLD | 5.9 km away

Michael the Lantana Man

Servicing Canungra QLD | 5.9 km away

All Slashing Services

Servicing Canungra QLD | 7.9 km away

Amazon Gardening

Servicing Canungra QLD | 8.1 km away

Blue Collar Property Services

Servicing Canungra QLD | 12.2 km away

Beechmont Mowing & Brushcutting

Servicing Canungra QLD | 12.3 km away

G V Harris & Sons Contractors

Servicing Canungra QLD | 13 km away

Common questions about lawn mowing services

What do you mean by “overgrown lawn”?

This will depend largely on the length, “thickness”, type of grass etc. Sometimes a lawns can be a bit long but not terribly overgrown.

I’ve heard of burnt lawns from over-mowing. How does this happen?

Mowed grass below the recommended height will not absorb the light that it needs for photosynthesis and your lawn may take on a brownish hue.

What are the benefits of mulching?

Grass leaves consist of around 70%-85% water. So regular mulching, in effect is like keeping your lawn well fed and watered.

What is “slow release” nitrogen?

“Slow release” nitrogen refers to nitrogen which breaks down slowly from heat, water or bacterial action remaining in the root zone for a long period.

Do I need to pay extra for mowing if my lawn is overgrown?

Yes depending on the height of your lawn you will need to pay extra, as the time it takes to mow your lawn will increase significantly.

How much does a typical lawn mowing service cost?

Lawn services will differ house to house as each lawn size varies.

What do I do with the grass clippings?

If you are mowing regularly, clippings can be left on the lawn and will provide a nutrient source to the grass plant as the organic material decays.

What do nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium do for the lawn?

Nitrogen is responsible for lush grass growth. Phosphorous encourages a strong root system. Potassium contributes to sturdy plant growth.

How often should i get my lawn mowed?

As often as possible! For a professional presentation, weekly or fortnightly cuts in summer and 3-4 weekly in winter keeps your lawn in order.

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