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Gold Coast Northern Landscape Supplies

We are the premier northern Gold Coast Landscape Supplies Yard. Best Products at the Right Price.

1769 Stapylton Jacobs Well Rd Jacobs Well QLD 4208 | 5.3 km away
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Green Fingers Potting Mix

709 Stapylton Jacobs Well Rd Woongoolba QLD 4207 | 3.1 km away

Rocky Point Mulching

709 Stapylton Jacobs Well Rd Woongoolba QLD 4207 | 3.1 km away

Wholesale Sands

1754 Jacobs Well Rd Jacobs Well QLD 4208 | 6.2 km away

Yatala Landscape Supplies

1 Quarry Rd Stapylton QLD 4207 | 7.5 km away
1 Review
1 Review

Affordable Scapes

125 Pearson Rd Yatala QLD 4207 | 8.6 km away

Common questions about landscape supplies

How long will my mulch last?

It depends on the type of mulch that you use. Leaf mulch breaks down within a year or so, but wood chips can last a few years.

Can I just put gravel on top of my old concrete driveway?

Unfortunately if you do this, you will find that the gravel tends to move around, exposing the concrete underneath.

What is ‘Soft Landing’?

This is a fine, soft pine mulch, designed for use in playgrounds and under trampolines.

How do I know how much soil / mulch I will need?

Measure the width of the area, multiply it by the length of the area, and then multiply by the depth of filling.

How do i control the weeds in my garden?

Lay a weed mat in your garden. This allows the weeds to only grow into the matting which means the weeds are very easy to pull out.

Can weeds grow through pebbles?

Unfortunately weeds can grow through pebbles. To avoid irreparable growth, spray them with weedkiller at the first sight of them.

How do I prepare to lay new grass?

The best way to prepare for a new lawn is to lay a premium quality turf underlay.

Does mulch help my soil to retain moisture?

Yes, mulch will help keep your soil dark and cool. The thicker the layer, the more effective it will be.

Is any specific type of mulch better at stopping weeds?

Most mulches will deter weeds if thick enough. Using a depth of 75-100mm (7.5-10 cm), you’ll stop most types of weeds.

What’s the best type of stone or gravel to use for a driveway or path?

Crushed tile or decomposed granite are both popular types of stone for a driveway or path.

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