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Peter Garget

Gray St Wangan QLD 4871
0.7 km away

Cassowary Coast Fencing

Mission Beach QLD 4852
33.9 km away

Gough Tree Services

PO Box 412 Mission Beach QLD 4852
33.9 km away

Craws Farm Services

71 Booth Rd Mena Creek QLD 4871
11.4 km away

Cairns Fencing

Cassowary Coast QLD
17 km away

Gadd Allan

72 Illich St Kurrimine Beach QLD 4871
24.6 km away

Barrabindi Fencing

PO Box 355 Babinda QLD 4861
27.4 km away


128 Kruckow Rd Babinda QLD 4861
29.5 km away

Common questions about fencing contractors

What do I do if someone is damaging my dividing fence?

You can get a Magistrates’ Court order to stop someone from unreasonably damaging a dividing fence.

Who owns a dividing fence?

A dividing fence is owned equally by the adjoining neighbours if it is built on the common boundary line.

Do I need to erect a pool fence before I can fill my pool?

Yes. You cannot by law fill your pool until a pool fence has been erected and certified by a qualified Certifier or your Local Council.

What is a 'notice to fence?'

A notice to fence is a formal document outlining your proposal to either construct or repair a dividing fence.

What is a dividing fence?

A dividing fence is a barrier or perimeter that separates two pieces of land/properties, etc.

Who is responsible for a dividing fence?

Generally neighbours must contribute equally to building and maintaining a dividing fence.

Aluminium or steel fencing?

Aluminium is advised if your fence is in a harsh environment. Steel is more suitable for high traffic areas such as schools, day care centres, etc.

What should I do if the fence needs urgent repair?

If it’s urgent due to fire, flood, or damage you can proceed with the repair without giving notice and without their permission.

What is the minimum height of pool fencing?

The minimum height for any pool fence is 1200mm from any ground surface.

Why is a retaining wall not considered a fence?

Retaining walls serve a different purpose than fences. They are engineered to support built up or excavated earth.

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